Weave a Murderous Web – Anne Rothman-Hicks & Ken Hicks

Thanks to the publisher and the authors for the copy in exchange for my honest review!

WEAVE A MURDEROUS WEB – Anne Rothman-Hicks & Ken Hicks (out now!)

Who doesn’t love a fantastic red cover??


My Thoughts: 3.5/5 stars!

When I picked up WEAVE A MURDEROUS WEB by Anne Rothman-Hicks and Ken Hicks, I didn’t realize it was book two in a series. This didn’t really hurt my overall reading experience though! Can’t go wrong with a mystery suspense novel with a cat and mouse element.

With this book just over 200 pages, I don’t want to give away too much about it and spoil anything. Jane Larson is a successful litigation attorney for a large law firm in New York City. She quickly finds herself sucked into the world of divorce and child support as a favor to her friend. Little does she know, Jane is stepping into a world of drugs, lies, money, and murder. Will this case be her undoing?

This book could definitely be read as a standalone. So if it sounds intriguing, then I would highly recommend diving in! For me, personally, I would love to go back a get to know Jane Larson better. She’s a witty, sarcastic, and a fantastic, strong female protagonist and we definitely need more characters like her in this genre!

Overall, it was a quick and entertaining read. I loved Jane and the suspense throughout this mystery novel. I will definitely be going back to book one in the series to learn more about Jane.


What do you think about crime series with the same investigators? Do they work as standalones or do you prefer to read them in order?



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