The New Neighbors – Simon Lelic

Over the weekend I began participating in the #25infive readathon. So you try to read 25 hours in five days – something I definitely didn’t think I’d be able to do but I’ve been really impressed with my progress! I’m about 6 hours away from completing (and it ends tonight!)

Here is book one that I finished!

Thanks to Berkley Pub for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

THE NEW NEIGHBORS – Simon Lelic (out tomorrow!)

Check back for the #CJSReads2018 thoughts on this one 🙂




My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

I’m a huge fan of the domestic thrillers, so after reading the synopsis for THE NEW NEIGHBORS I was immediately intrigued! This was my introduction to Simon Lelic, and I will definitely be getting more of his work after this one. As a warning, this does depict domestic abuse towards children and teenagers.

Sydney and Jack are struggling to find themselves a home. Something they can own and not have to deal with landlords or roommates anymore – that’s the goal for most couples wanting to settle down together. They stumble across a house that Sydney loves and Jack has reservations about, they put in a bid knowing that they probably won’t get it, but to their surprise the seller picks them. The previous owner had left all of his belongings in the house, like old photos, furniture, and much more. One such item that has been haunting Jack was a mangled cat in the attic and a shoe box filled with items from a young girl (the previous owner had no children).

Sydney makes friends with a neighbor, teenager Elsie. She finds herself drawn to Elsie because of their shared struggles. Elsie’s father abuses her, which mirrors Sydney’s own childhood nightmares. After Sydney and Jack become involved in the situation, things begin to spiral out of control. After Elsie’s father is found murdered in their backyard, all eyes are on them. Who committed the murder? Is there something more sinister happening?

I loved how uniquely this story was told. In back and forth journal entries, We see the communications between Jack and Sydney as they tell the story of what happened to them – before and after the murder. There were a few red herrings thrown into the mix and I did not see the ending coming. I definitely thought I had it figured out, but Lelic did a great job misleading us. The journal entries and short chapters made for a quick read. What is happening in the house? Who left the shoebox? Who killed Elsie’s father?

If you’re looking for a good domestic thriller, then I would highly recommend picking this one up! Just the right amount of suspense and character building to keep you invested plus a red herring or two to keep you on your toes!


What has been your favorite domestic thriller??



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