Books I Recommend from 2018 – Thrillers

How’s everyone’s weekend going so far? After the prompt for the #grimdragon challenge the other day, I got to thinking about books that I loved from this year (so far).

I figured I could break it up into different categories, otherwise this list would be incredibly long. Which is a good problem to have because that means there are some amazing books so far in 2018.

So, in part one, I’m covering thrillers. Books that I could not stop thinking about, ones that got my heart racing with the building suspense, and ones that had me gasping or audibly saying, “WHAT THE FUCK” as I was reading. You know it’s a great thriller when that happens.

All of these are also #allthebookreviews selections, which makes it even more fun 🙂



Books I Recommend from 2018 – Thriller Edition:

OUR LITTLE SECRET – Roz Nay – 5 stars

This one packed quite the punch in a smaller package. Being under 300 pages makes it a little on the shorter end for the thriller genre, but don’t let that fool you. The story of obsession, dark secrets, and psychological suspense will have you sucked in from page one. This was finished in an afternoon because I just could not stop. You can see the full reviews from the #allthebookreviews duo here!

THE CABIN AT THE END OF THE WORLD – Paul Tremblay – 5 stars

Paul Tremblay has two incredibly creepy books out already, but this one definitely takes the cake. Chandra and I featured this as an #allthebookreviews title and we both couldn’t put it down. Its eerie and has a dark sense of foreboding from start to finish. Great characters and a story line that will keep you sucked in from page one. You can see the full #allthebookreviews thoughts here!

HANGMAN – Jack Heath – 5 stars

I’d say this did a great job teetering between thriller and horror. Timothy Blake is a civilian consultant for the FBI offices in Houston – he is their last resort call when they can’t solve a missing person’s case. He and the director have a special arrangement with one another, and it’s a secret that can never get out. Blake has some particular tastes that come with a craving that is never completely satisfied. This book is full of twists and crazy tension. This will not be for everyone because of the topics covered, including child abduction, cannibalism, and some gruesome parts. Both Chandra and I LOVED this and we cannot wait for a book two to come out. You can see the #allthebookreviews thoughts here!

MISTER TENDER’S GIRL – Carter Wilson – 5 stars

I am completely fascinated with the Slenderman case. Not just because it took place just one state over from me, but because of the hold this made up internet character had on these two girls. MISTER TENDER’S GIRL is in the same vein, but instead of Slenderman we get Mister Tender. He is a character in a series of graphic novels and makes people offers to see what they are willing to do. This is the story of the aftermath of a horrible stabbing, only it was the daughter of Mister Tender’s creator that was attacked. Now, decades later, she is being followed and harassed by someone claiming to be him. This was one I could not put down! Again – this was a hit for the #allthebookreviews duo! You can see our reviews here.

THE NEW NEIGHBORS – Simon Lelic – 5 stars

While thrillers are my bread and butter, I always love a good domestic drama/suspense novel. THE NEW NEIGHBORS was one of those that was balances on the line between thriller and domestic suspense. When Jack and Syd move into the neighborhood, they begin to notice strange things going on in their home. Simple things that might not mean much, but after awhile they begin to add up. When a neighbor shows up dead and all the evidence points to the Jack, tensions are high and the suspense ramps up. I loved that this was told in journal entries alternating between Jack and Syd – this was an incredibly unique approach and really got us into the minds of the characters. If you want a good domestic suspense, then this is the one for you! You can see my full review here.


Have you read any of these ones? Thoughts on them? Are there any you recommend that are in a similar vein as these?




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