Psychos in Love – Miss J. Crossan

One thing I love about Bookstagram is getting to meet different authors, especially new ones! If it weren’t for the Bookstagram community I more than likely would have missed out on this gem. If you want a guilty pleasure book with blood and gore, then you need this in your life.

Thanks to the amazing author for the ebook copy in exchange for my honest review!

PSYCHOS IN LOVE – Miss J. Crossan

There is a book two, and you better believe I’ll be reading that one!


My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

A couple years ago I read the Deanna Madden series by A.R. Torre (THE GIRL IN 6E, DO NOT DISTURB, and IF YOU DARE) and I fell in love. I had never read the combo of slasher meets sex. I typically stay away from romance novels or erotica, and that’s mainly because of the stories that go along with them. Well, PSYCHOS IN LOVE has that same slasher vibe and I couldn’t get enough of it.

I don’t want to give away a lot, because I went into this blind and was so happy I did. Harley has a dark secret and an equally dark past, so what happens when she meets a man that is almost as dangerous as she is? You never know what a person is capable of doing. All I can tell you is that this is an addictive read and you’ll want to clear some time in your schedule.

Not only was this a fun and compulsive read, but the writing was great! It’s always so disappointing when I love a story but the flow isn’t consistent or you can’t connect with any of the characters – well you won’t find those issues here!

You better believe I’ll be starting up BRIDE OF PSYCHO as soon as I can for the spring!


What’s your favorite guilty pleasure read?




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