#allthebookreviews – The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy

Another big pub day to start off the month of May! I’m also excited, because I’m thinking that spring is finally sticking here in Minnesota.

Thanks to Harper Books for the advanced copies in exchange for our honest reviews.

THE PERFECT MOTHER – Aimee Molloy (out today!)

Talk about a beautiful cover to get you into the spring mood.


Chandra’s Thoughts: 3/5 stars

I remember when all my friends were getting married/pregnant and would join these mommy clubs and I’d be like… yep, just lost another one!😉I don’t have children but I can imagine that these mommy groups and bonding with people who are going through or have gone through the same experiences can be extremely helpful… especially as a new mother.  I certainly don’t think you need to be a mother to read this book as it relates more to the mystery at hand, the women who go beyond their means to figure things out (sometimes to the detriment of their own lives) and finding a baby that went missing.  However, I think the understanding of the women in this novel would be easier to connect with if you are one.  I do admit I would just skim through the chapter “headings” as they were all baby related – what to do at this many weeks .. yada yada – didn’t interest me and while I understand it did relate to the May Mothers group, it also could’ve been left out entirely.  (I am curious though if putting organic potatoes in your bra really DOES help!)

The first half really intrigued me and I found myself flying through the pages.  Then my interest began to wane a bit in the second half.  I couldn’t relate to any of the women and couldn’t wrap my head around most of them.  Nell was definitely my favorite though with her snarkiness and sense of humor.

I’m glad to see this was picked up to be adapted to film!  I absolutely think this is a book I would enjoy better on screen so will be keeping an eye out.

One thing I noticed in the book is the sort of prejudice that is out there from women to women in how people raise their children, what they think is best and how any action can be looked down upon by someone else.  This is annoying and all too true.  Everyone needs some solo time and don’t judge someone – just because they may not be doing things the way that you would, doesn’t mean they’re doing it wrong.

To all the mothers out there who struggle to find that balance, I salute you!

My Thoughts: 4.5/5 stars

Addictive psychological thriller is the perfect way to describe this book! This is a perfect spring binge read about a group of women whose lives get turned upside down when one of their newborns goes missing. THE PERFECT MOTHER is one you won’t want to miss out on (and it’s going to be made into a movie with Kerry Washington!)

We follow a group of women that call themselves the May Mothers – they all were due in the same month and now have newborns. They meet twice a week at a nearby park to commiserate together about motherhood; everything from the joys, anxiety, and exhaustion that comes with being a new mother.

One night they decide to change things up and they meet at a local bar one night. They all get babysitters, some more reluctant than others, and have a great night together. They share secrets and learn more about each other as the drinks keep coming. When Winnie arrives home her biggest fear becomes a reality: her son has been abducted from his crib.

Now the police are involved and Winnie’s life has turned into a media circus. Are the other May Mothers willing to help her find her son? How far are you willing to go to find your child or to help a friend?

Do you love red herrings? Do love suspense and questioning everything you thought you knew about the story? Well, look no further! THE PERFECT MOTHER has all of that and more. There is a collection of characters that you will get to know. At times they were a little difficult to keep straight, but other than that this was a fantastic read.

I highly recommend this for you spring and summer TBRs! The ending was shocking and I did not see that coming. Always great for those of us that are seasoned veterans with the thriller genre.


What is your favorite thriller so far this year? What are you looking forward to the most this spring?




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