What You Want to See – Kristen Lepionka

More May books! This one came out last week to kick off the month of May.

Thanks to the always wonderful people at Minotaur Books for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE – Kristen Lepionka

This is book two in the Roxane Weary series (book one is LAST PLACE YOU LOOK) Normally I link the synopsis in my posts, but I’m going to avoid that this time. I think this book had one hindrance – the synopsis gives away too much detail! So if you can, try to go into this one without skimming that synopsis (it’s so hard to do if you like to research your books more than I typically do)


My Thoughts: 4.5/5 stars!

Normally when I find out I’m starting part way into a series I get a little bummed. You never know if it’s a series where all the books are connected or it they’re different crimes to be solved with the same detective/private eye. Roxane Weary is a Private Investigator and she is everything you want in a strong female lead!

I’ll try to be a little more brief in my description of the book – the synopsis definitely gives away a lot more than it should for a thriller/crime fiction novel! Marin Strasser’s fiancee thinks she is having an affair, so he hires PI Roxane Weary to find the evidence he needs. A couple days later, Marin is found dead in an apparent mugging gone bad. The police begin to focus their attention on the fiancee when things don’t add up.

As Roxy continues to look into Marin’s past, she discovers all kinds of secrets that she’s been keeping hidden away. Along the way, she uncovers conspiracies, scams, and other suspicious events. She quickly finds herself ensnared in this web and Roxy must decide what to do with the stakes rising.

Roxy is everything you want in a female lead – she’s flawed and troubled, but she works hard and does all that she can to get the job done. One thing I wasn’t aware of from book one is that Roxy is actually bisexual. So a love triangle that continued over from LAST PLACE YOU LOOK was there and elaborated on by diving into the characters more. This is an element you don’t typically see of a main character in the thriller genre, so this was a refreshing change of pace.

Overall, if you’re looking for a fast pace crime fiction read, then you’ll definitely want to pick up the Roxane Weary series! I can’t wait to see where Lepionka takes us next in the Roxy saga.


Have you read book one or two in this series?



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