Book Mail – Restless by Renee M.P.T. Kray

Horror is slowly creeping it’s way into my TBR little by little – and I’m not going to complain about it!

Thanks to the author for the copy in exchange for my honest review.

RESTLESS – Renee M.P.T. Kray (out now!)

This is a collection of short stories that will have a horror story for every month of the year – because you can’t just have one for Halloween!


Here’s the synopsis:

Some ghosts say boo.

Others shriek.

Some seek revenge.

Others only want closure.

Everyone knows that, regardless of what they want or how they act, ghosts are most active on Halloween. But what are they doing the other 364 days of the year?

Restless: A Paranormal Calendar answers that question in twelve all-new short stories. Curl up on Valentine’s Day with the tale of a living man who has fallen in love with a ghost; endure April, the month of the diamond, with a woman who is as hard as ice; and face the consequences of disrespecting Death on Dia de los Muertos in November.

No matter what day of the year you find yourself in, they will always be able to find you.

Restless is a collection of twelve original short fiction stories that tell the stories of different kinds of spooks. Each one is themed for a different month so that you can enjoy paranormal stories all year round, not just on Halloween.


Do you like horror short stories? Personally, I love them. I’m a big fan of any kind of short stories.





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