The Lies They Tell – Gillian French

Playing some more catch up with getting all these great books out to you!

Thanks to the amazing author, Gillian French, for the copy and matching mug. I was so excited when I won this giveaway!

THE LIES THEY TELL – Gillian French (out now!)

All I know is that I’ll be going back ASAP and picking up more of her books.


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

Who else loves entering giveaways hosted by the authors? I do! Especially when I saw this incredible matching mug – it’s like Gillian knew my review photos are mugs and books. I had heard nothing but great things about Gillian French and I, sadly, had never picked up one of her other books before, but that is all going to change next time I’m at the bookstore! THE LIES THEY TELL not only has a great cover, but this is a perfect read for those wanting a good YA thriller.

The Garrison tragedy is known to everyone in Tenney’s Harbor, Maine. A mysterious fire that took the lives of four members of the family, leaving one survivor. What happened that night? There are whispers and rumors throughout the town about what may have happened, and no one is hurt more by them than Pearl Haskins. Her father was the caretaker of the Garrison property when the fire happened, and he is now left disgraced and finding comfort in drinking.

While working as a waitress at the local country club, Pearl serves a group of boys and one of them is the remaining Garrison. She finds herself drawn to Tristan and by befriending them, she quickly learns that there is a dark side to the life of luxury. As she tries to untangle the web of lies and secrets, she gets closer and closer to finding out what truly happened that night of the tragic fire.

Gillian does an incredible job developing the characters throughout this book. Sometimes when books are more character driven they can lose some of the action and suspense you’re looking for in a thriller, but I think that French has found that perfect balance. If you like a good character study, then I would highly recommend this one.


Which Gillian French book should I read next?



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