Bring Me Back – B.A. Paris

Who else was really excited to see that B.A. Paris had another book coming out?

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press for the free advanced copy in exchange for my honest review!

BRING ME BACK – B.A. Paris (Releasing June 19th, 2018)

Check back for the #allthebookreviews duo thoughts on this one 🙂 We were brought together by Paris’ debut novel, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, so we always love having the opportunity to review her new books!


My Thoughts: 4.5/5 stars!

B.A. Paris’ newest release is another one that I can see the avid thriller fans being divided on. While it’s not as tense and suspenseful as BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, I did enjoy this one a little more than I did THE BREAKDOWN. We bounce back and forth between present day and a decade ago with one question – what happened to Layla?

The blurb on the book is perfect to set the tone: “She vanished. A decade ago his girlfriend disappeared. He lied. He told the police the truth about that night. Just not the whole truth. The past won’t stay buried. Now he’s moved on. But the past isn’t done with him yet.”

We start the book with the police statement he gives about the night Layla disappeared. On their way home from a vacation in France, Finn pulls over to a rest area to use the bathroom. After being gone only a few minutes, he returns to their car to see Layla’s door open and she is nowhere to be found.

Fast forward 12 years and Finn is now engaged to Ellen (Layla’s older sister) and has moved from his old home he shared with Layla. Their happy life together comes to a quick halt when Ellen finds a little Russian doll outside their home. A toy isn’t that ominous, right? Well, this is one that she had lost years ago when she and Layla were kids. Only the three of them know the story behind this doll. Pair that with sinister emails and now we’re all wondering, is Layla alive?

B.A. Paris always does a great job creating the atmosphere in her novels. It’s always unsettling and eerie, and you never know why until you’re pulled through the rest of the story. The characters are all hiding things from you at the beginning and their stories slowly open up as they continue to develop. I personally enjoyed this one and would categorize it more as a psychological suspense than a thriller. Paris had me flipping those pages and flying through those short chapters!


What did you think of BEHIND CLOSED DOORS and THE BREAKDOWN?





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