Books I Recommend from 2018 – Suspense and Horror

Back to book recommendations from this year – so far! I’ll be sure to do another one for July – December at the end of the year (plus my favorites from the entire year).

So the first installment was all thrillers, so this installment will be suspense and horror novels. I decided to combine them because what horror book doesn’t have some suspense thrown into the mix?

I’ll include links for you to find my full reviews on each title.

Let’s jump into it!


Books I Recommend from 2018 – Suspense and Horror Edition:

THE SILENT COMPANIONS – Laura Purcell – 5 stars

An eerie and gothic haunted house novel. Who doesn’t love a good haunted house? This is the perfect blend of horror and historical fiction. Purcell created a very atmospheric novel that pulls you right into the time period and into the creepy old house. This one isn’t gory or bloody, but it has a continuous eerie and ominous feel to it that you just can’t shake, and there are dolls. Creepy, creepy dolls. You can check out my full review here!

JINXED – Thommy Hutson – 5 stars

This was a no-brainer for me to select. This has the nostalgia of SCREAM written all over it! If you follow me on Instagram, then you know my love for the film franchise that is SCREAM. Ghostface will always be my favorite horror movie villain. I read JINXED in one sitting and I loved every page. On an isolated island is a prestigious Fine Arts school and the students are turning up dead at the hands of a masked killer. I heard Ghostface in my head whenever I read anything the killer was saying. This had the great twist at the end and villain reveal. I’m so happy this is a trilogy – but now the waiting game begins for book two.  See my full review here!

WE ARE WHERE THE NIGHTMARES GO – C. Robert Cargill – 5 stars

Here we have a horror short story collection. As will any short story collection there are always standouts and for me those included the title story, WE ARE WHERE THE NIGHTMARES GO, HELL THEY CALL HIM, THE SCREAMERS, HELL CREEK, and I AM THE NIGHT YOU NEVER SPEAK OF. All of these stand out in my mind because of the creativity and uniqueness to their plots. Eerie and unsettling, this is the perfect collection for those wanting to sprinkle in more horror in their TBRs. See my full review here!

GRIST MILL ROAD – Christopher J. Yates – 5 stars

A suspense novel that starts out with a bang and keeps stringing you along until the very end. A horrific incident as children turns into lifelong secrets that are buried deep, but threaten to come to the surface when friends are reunited. This was incredibly atmospheric with a sense of foreboding throughout. If you want a gritty suspense novel, then look no further! You can see my full review here!

THE FATHER – Anton Svensson – 5 stars

This was a surprise to me. This beast is longer than most in the suspense/thriller genre but I flew through it. THE FATHER is based on the true story of three brothers who orchestrated 10 bank robberies, robbed an armored car, committed the largest arms theft in European history, and all within just two years. They terrorized Sweden, and all were under 24 years old. What made them choose this life of crime? We get to see how they grew up and how their father had molded them into who they became – this is an incredibly raw story about how children can be impacted by the actions of their father. What made this even more intriguing is that Anton Svensson is a pseudonym for Anders Roslund Stefan Thunberg (the fourth brother). You can see my full review here, and my review of the follow up novel, THE SONS, here.


What are some of your favorite horror and suspense novels? I need more for the list!




4 thoughts on “Books I Recommend from 2018 – Suspense and Horror

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  1. I’m only now getting back into “horror,” so this list is a great place to start. I did read Grist Mill Road and liked it, not as much as you did but it has a story that definitely stays with you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know a few other readers that didn’t enjoy it as much, but I think it was the perfect timing for when I started it. I know that can always have an impact, and it helped that I saw a couple mentions beforehand that it wasn’t a thriller but more of a suspense novel! So that gave me better expectations.


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