We Are Where the Nightmares Go and Other Stories – C. Robert Cargill

Who doesn’t love a little horror in their TBR?

Thanks to Harper Voyager for the free advanced copy in exchange for my honest review!


As you know, I’m a huge fan of short story collections, so I was very excited to have this in the #allthebookreviews duo line up 🙂


My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

I have always loved reading short stories and novellas. It continues to amaze me the impact authors can have in a short amount of pages and how the stories always manage to wrap up well or leave the reader curious about more. WE ARE WHERE THE NIGHTMARES GO by C. Robert Cargill is a collection of horror stories and I think it’s perfect for those wanting to add some more of the genre into their TBR.

Of course, like with any short story collection, there are always going to be standouts. For me, those were the title story, WE ARE WHERE THE NIGHTMARES GO which brings us on a journey with a little girl that goes through a tiny door that appears under her bed one night. I loved the intro to this story – talking about how we always hear about the boys and girls that go into the other side (Narnia, Wonderland, and more) and they always come back. This story is about those children that venture out, but never return.

HELL THEY CALL HIM, THE SCREAMERS, this was a more gruesome and gory one. Descriptions of skinning people alive and how he does it, then the reactions he gets from The Screamers. HELL CREEK follows a triceratops and her attempt at avoiding and escaping zombie dinosaurs, yes, I said zombie dinosaurs! The other standout was I AM THE NIGHT YOU NEVER SPEAK OF, which was originally published in a Clive Barker approved story collection that were set in his Nightbred universe, Midian. This one was incredibly dark and twisted, so of course I loved every moment of it!

If you’re looking to sprinkle in some horror throughout your TBR, another great thing about short story collections is that you don’t need to read them all at once, then you’ll want to grab this one this summer.


What’s your favorite short story collection? Horror or otherwise.


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