Bookish Rainbow Challenge – Red Books

I’m usually so good about picking a book challenge in a month and sticking to it, but for whatever reason February got the best of me and so far I’ve been sucking with March. When I saw Jenn’s book challenge (@jennsbookvibes on Instagram) I knew this would be a good one to jump in on and add some variety to my feed.

Red Books were for March 11th, 2019 (I’ll probably be sharing them a day delayed or I’ll try to catch up today and do Orange as well!)


Books Pictured:

WORTH KILLING FOR – Jane Haseldine – See my 4.5 star review here!

ONLY TO SLEEP – Lawrence Osborne – See the synopsis here!

A SHINING IN THE SHADOWS – Beverly Lee – See my 5 star review here!

THE GIRL IN 6E – A.R. Torre – See my 5 star review here!

WE ARE WHERE THE NIGHTMARES GO AND OTHER STORIES – C. Robert Cargill – See my 5 star review here!

FINAL GIRLS – Riley Sager – See the #CJSReads2017 thoughts here and our author Q&A here!

THE SPITE GAME – Anna Snoekstra – See the synopsis here!

THE CUTTING ROOM – Ashley Dyer – Book mail post coming soon 🙂

THE WORLD OF LORE: MONSTROUS CREATURES – Aaron Mahnke – See my 5 star review here for this edition as well as the most recent release (DREADFUL PLACES)

BEST DAY EVER – Kaira Rouda – See the #CJSReads2017 thoughts here!

LIES SHE TOLD – Cate Holahan – See my 4.5 star review here!


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