A Beautiful Corpse – Christi Daugherty

Happy publication day!

Thanks to the always awesome people at Minotaur Books for the free advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

A BEAUTIFUL CORPSE – Christi Daugherty (out today!)

This is book two in the Harper McClain series – book one being THE ECHO KILLING (you can see my full review here).


My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

This is book two in the Harper McClain series and I was incredibly impressed with book one (THE ECHO KILLING) especially considering it was a crime fiction debut! I’m always anxious to see how the follow up books are in a series because I’ve noticed some books turn into “fillers” that act as a set up or jumping off point for the following book. That’s not the case in A BEAUTIFUL CORPSE.

A murder in an affluent part of Savannah has put the district in shock and crime reporter Harper McClain is back as she tries to figure out what happened. Naomi Scott was just 24 years old – a law student with a bar tending job to get by. Before her life could really begin, it was ended by an unseen gunman in the middle of the night. No witnesses and three suspects: Scott’s boyfriend, her boss, and the D.A’s son. All claim to have loved her but all had troubled relationships with Naomi.

Is it the boyfriend with the criminal past, the boss who has a history of stalking young women, or the ex-boyfriend where the relationship ended badly? McClain has her work cut out for her as she begins to untangle a complicated web of obsession, jealousy, and secrets. As if this wasn’t enough, McClain finds herself dealing with her own stalker. Someone dangerous, someone that knows her, someone that warned her to run.

I loved the two stories that Daugherty perfectly wove together in this: the murder investigation and Harper’s personal life. Who doesn’t love a good stalker story? One thing that I fell in love with on book one was how Daugherty transported us to Savannah and set the scene in such a detailed way. You felt like you were there experiencing the beauty and the heat along with the characters. I did enjoy seeing Harper grow more as a character here – flawed and relatable but she was given some more depth.

If you’re looking for a crime fiction series that is from a perspective other than the investigating detectives, then you’ll want to get acquainted with Harper McClain! A very atmospheric and engaging read, I highly recommend both THE ECHO KILLING and A BEAUTIFUL CORPSE! I hope for more in the series.

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