March 2019 Wrap Up

I haven’t done one of these in at least a year. With enough negative comments about the amount of books I would read in a month, I just gave up on them altogether. Yes, I read a lot of books most months, and contrary to popular belief, I do have a life and a full-time job managing a small business. So all the recent negativity surrounding fast readers has gotten to a point that is ridiculous and unnecessary. We enjoy the books like anyone else would but we tend to sneak in reading whenever we have a spare moment to. So, hopefully after the blog post I contributed to from Chandra will help shed some light on it to those that are skeptical of our reading. I promise you, we don’t lie about what we read (like some people seem to think).

Anyways, on to my first wrap up post since 2017! This was a good month in terms of ratings and great books. I would highly recommend these books 🙂


March 2019 Wrap Up:

#ATBR2019 Titles: 9 books

Book Tours/Blog Tours: 7 books

THE STRANGER DIARIES – Elly Griffith – 5 stars – Review here

THE WOMAN IN THE LAKE – Nicola Cornick – 4 stars – TLC Book Tour/Review here

THE PERFECT ALIBI – Phillip Margolin – 4 stars – Review here

THE ROAD THAT TAKES YOU THERE – Jason Sechrest – 5 stars – Review/Excerpt here

THE WOMAN IN THE DARK – Vanessa Savage – 5 stars – Review here

DAISY JONES AND THE SIX – Taylor Jenkins Reid – 5 stars – #ATBR2019 here

A BEAUTIFUL CORPSE – Christi Daugherty – 5 stars – Review here

BEFORE SHE KNEW HIM – Peter Swanson – 5 stars – TLC Book Tour/Review here – #ATBR2019 here

THE HUNTING PARTY – Lucy Foley – 5 stars – TLC Book Tour/Review here

SAVE ME FROM DANGEROUS MEN – S.A. Lelchuk – 4 stars #ATBR2019 here

THE LAST ACT – Brad Parks – 5 stars – #ATBR2019 here

THE NEAR WITCH – V.E. Schwab – 4 stars – Blog Tour/Mini Review here

THE INSPECTION – Josh Malerman – 3 stars – #ATBR2019 here

THE PERFECT GIRLFRIEND – Karen Hamilton – 3.5 stars – #ATBR2019 here

ONE LAST LIE – Rob Kaufman – 4 stars – Review here

MY LOVELY WIFE – Samantha Downing – 5 stars – Blog Tour/Review here – #ATBR2019 here

THE NIGHT VISITORS – Carol Goodman – 4 stars – Review here

BEAUTIFUL BAD – Annie Ward – 3.5 stars – TLC Book Tour/Review here – Read an Excerpt here – #ATBR2019 here

THE LAST FINAL GIRL – Stephen Graham Jones – 2.5 stars – Review here

YOU FIT THE PATTERN – Jane Haseldine – 4 stars!



4 thoughts on “March 2019 Wrap Up

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  1. From one fast reader to another – I get it! People question me all the time about if I have a life, but it’s like I just read fast! I always have! Definitely want to read The Near Witch soon.

    PS – keep fast reading! 🙂

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    1. It’s crazy how people question it! Everyone reads at different paces – like with anything else in life. I don’t watch a ton of TV, so that definitely helps and I don’t think many people carry books around with them everywhere. Fast readers unite!

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