The Stranger Diaries – Elly Griffiths

Happy publication day!

Thanks to HMH Books for the free advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.


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My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

This book was just what I needed in every way possible. Coming off a DNF title I was in need of something captivating and creepy. THE STRANGER DIARIES by Elly Griffith was perfect! This thriller novel had a Gothic feel to it and had a pacing that pulled you along and kept my full attention.

This is one of those books that all bookworms seem to love, a book within a book. We get bits and pieces of a novella, THE STRANGER, throughout the book as well as diary entries from Clare (one of our narrators). The crazy part? We have THREE unreliable narrators in this thriller. Talk about not being to trust anyone and not being able to guess the direction Griffiths is going to take us.

I don’t want to give away much about the plot because I think it’s best to go into this one with less information! I loved this from start to finish and really enjoyed the ending – definitely not a let down after that build up. Well-developed characters, a multi-layered plot, and all tied together with the novella THE STRANGER at the very end. If you like thrillers with a Gothic atmosphere then you’ll want to pick this one up!

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