The World of Lore: Dreadful Places – Aaron Mahnke

I’ve been on a folklore kick lately and now I need to go pick up the third book in The World of Lore series!

Thanks to Random House and Del Rey Books for the free copy of Dreadful Places in exchange for my honest review.


THE WORLD OF LORE: DREADFUL PLACES – Aaron Mahnke (Releasing October 9th, 2018)


My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

Since picking up Slenderman recently, I have been absolutely fascinated with folklore, specifically the new generation of digital folklore. However, it was nice going back to the folklore that brought us the monsters and places that we would scary each other with in campfire stories.

Both of these editions in The World of Lore series were very engrossing to read. For Dreadful Places we are brought all over the world to examine different stories involving New Orleans, ghost ships, the American colonies, and even out to Scotland. These are broken up into smaller sections for each location – so the readers get a good introduction and brief history on all of them. Of course with any kind of book like this there will be some stories that hold the interest of readers more than others, so the short sections make it easy to fly through them.

I think the creepiest ones for me were the ones in New Orleans. I’ve visited family there many times and had no idea. I will definitely be thinking of these the next time I’m in the area. Mahnke does an incredible job setting the scene with some spine chilling tales.

After reading Dreadful Places I picked up Monstrous Creatures (which had been hanging out on my shelves for awhile). This one I was really excited for because the folklore surrounding the monsters we grew up hearing about is something I didn’t know much about. Vampires, ghosts, dolls, and more are covered in this book. Each has a detailed background and some were more unsettling than others.

Overall, if you’re looking for something that reads like fiction then this might be on the dry side for you. From what I’ve heard, if you’ve been an avid listener of the podcast some of these stories are recycled from there. As someone that hasn’t listened to the Lore podcast, these were all new to me! I may have to start listening to some of the podcast – I’ve never really been a podcast listener. With the layout of these stories it is incredibly easy to pick this one up and put it down without getting lost. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is curious about the topic of folklore.


Anyone listen to the podcast? Would you recommend it?



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