Any Man by Amber Tamblyn Book Tour

I always try to make different book events when they’re in Minnesota and I always seem to fail. The weather has prevented me from the last four events I was dying to go to (Lars Kepler and Ruth Ware to name a couple). I was determined to make it to this one though. No amount of construction was going to stop me!


The end of June, Chandra and I partner reviewed ANY MAN by Amber Tamblyn. You can see those #allthebookreviews thoughts here! We both LOVED it and gave it 5 stars.

I’m one of those people that doesn’t cry at movies or books, I just don’t. I like to remember the Friends episode where Monica tries to get Chandler to cry and compares him to an unfeeling robot lol Well, this book caused an emotional reaction. It was anger, which was definitely the point of the story.

For those of you that don’t know the synopsis or haven’t read this book, it covers the topic of sexual assault and rape. So this will not be for everyone. It is about the men that a female serial rapist leaves behind. The survivors of these horrific attacks and how they are affected by their experiences and how they try to overcome and cope. The added elements of social media and talk shows getting in on it were what upset me the most. The way society treats victims of these awful crimes is awful.

This is a book I highly recommend – it has a mix of fiction writing, social media conversations, and beautiful prose.  So I was very excited to go and hear her read from the book! She was accompanied by the amazing Sonni De Soto – a local Minnesota writer and she also read from her upcoming release (check out her Amazon page here!) Despite not liking most of what I’ve read in the romance genre, I was definitely intrigued by the parts she read. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for that one on Amazon.

ANY MAN was intense as I read it but oh man, was it even more intense hearing Amber read it. That just brought it to a whole other level and it was full of emotion.


At the end of the event there was a signing and I was so excited to be able to get my ARC signed! I also got one signed for Chandra (because book besties) and I asked her if she would sign my ARC. I had my moment and had to tell her how excited I was that she reposted my review on Instagram (I didn’t even believe it when I saw that notification!). She was a lot of fun and great to listen to.


Have you read this one? Thoughts?


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  1. She was in Minnesota?! Ughh im so bad at keeping up with things like that and now I’m pissed I missed it 😦


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