August 2018 TBR

Look at that, I’m actually keeping up and doing this again! Now just to work on getting my July Wrap Up finished for you guys (that could be a couple days)

August is going to be a jam-packed month but all of these books bring a smile to my face!

Let’s jump right in 🙂


August 2018 TBR:

THE LAST THING I TOLD YOU – Emily Arsenault (TLC Book Tours – August 1st, 2018)

THE STRANGER WITHIN – Tara Lyons (Bloodhound Books Blog Blitz – August 2nd, 2018)

THE HAMMER FALLS – Andrew Barrett (Bloodhound Books Blog Blitz – August 6th, 2018)

WHAT REMAINS OF HER – Eric Rickstad (TLC Book Tours – August 7th, 2018)

THE MASTERPIECE – Fiona Davis (Releasing August 7th, 2018)

BAD MAN – Dathan Auerbach (Releasing August 7th, 2018)

#Murdertrending – Gretchen McNeil (Releasing August 7th, 2018)

BELLEWETHER – Susanna Kearsley (Releasing August 7th, 2018)

SISTER OF MINE – Laurie Petrou (Releasing August 7th, 2018)

RUST & STARDUST – T. Greenwood (Releasing August 7th, 2018)

TIFFANY BLUES – M.J. Rose (Releasing August 7th, 2018)

PATH OF THE DEAD – Mark Edward Langley (Releasing August 7th, 2018)

FOUR FUNERALS AND MAYBE A WEDDING – Rhys Bowen (Releasing August 7th, 2018)

OUR HOUSE – Louise Candish (Blog Tour – August 8th, 2018)

SERPENTINE – Laurel K. Hamilton (Blog Tour – August 11th, 2018)

AFTER NIGHTFALL – A.J. Banner (TLC Book Tours – August 13th, 2018)

THE LOCKSMITH’S DAUGHTER – Karen Brooks (Not Pictured – TLC Book Tour – August 14th, 2018)

SWEET LITTLE LIES – Caz Frear (Releasing August 14th, 2018)

THE LONG REVENGE – Andrew Barrett (Bloodhound Books Blog Blitz – August 16th, 2018)

THE REMOVES – Tajana Soli (TLC Book Tours – August 22nd, 2018)

UNDER A DARK SKY – Lori Rader-Day (TLC Book Tour – August 22nd, 2018)

IMPOSTOR’S LURE – Carla Neggers (Not Pictured – TLC Book Tour – August 24th, 2018)

SOLD ON A MONDAY – Kristina McMorris (Releasing August 28th, 2018)

PIECES OF HER – Karin Slaughter (TLC Book Tour – August 29th, 2018)

VOX – Christina Dalcher (Blog Tour – August 30th, 2018)

PHANTOM TREE – Nicola Cornick (TLC Book Tour – August 30th, 2018)

KILL THE FARM BOY – Delilah S. Dawson & Kevin Hearne (Already Released)

I LIKED MY LIFE – Abby Fabiaschi (Book Club)


Let’s see how far I get!




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