Blog Tour & Review – Blue Murder by Mark L. Fowler

Let’s kick off August with a blog tour! 🙂

Thanks to the author and publisher for the free advanced ebook copy in exchange for my honest review.

BLUE MURDER – Mark L. Fowler

This is book two in the Tyler and Mills series – you can see my review for book one (RED IS THE COLOUR) here!


Book Description:

April 2003. Johnny and the Swamp Seeds are on the cusp of success when singer Johnny Richards goes missing. The body of a young man is found in the local canal.

But the dead man is not Johnny Richards.

DCI Jim Tyler leads the investigation into the brutal murder of Adam Lane, ex band member and friend of Richards since schooldays. Is the disappearance related? Is Richards alive or dead? Was he responsible for the death of his friend?

DS Danny Mills has concerns for DCI Tyler. The demons from Tyler’s past have caught up with him, threatening to tip him over the edge. Meanwhile, news of the singer’s disappearance has gone viral, sending the band to the top of the charts and turning a national spotlight on the case. Tyler is under immense pressure and Mills can see the cracks spreading.

Will Tyler and Mills find out what happened to Johnny Richards, and who killed Adam Lane – or is catastrophe looming for the stricken detective?


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

Last year I read RED IS THE COLOUR, which was the first book in a new crime series, and I was really excited to see that book two was coming out! DCI Tyler and DS Mills are back in BLUE MURDER where we get to see the not so glamorous side of the music world and we even get a glimpse into Tyler’s dark past. Despite this being book two, I say you could definitely pick this one up without needing to read book one.

We have a missing singer and a murdered ex-band mate to kick things off. Johnny and the Swamp Seeds are on the fast track to success when Johnny Richards goes missing. To make things worse, a body is discovered in a local canal. The victim of the gruesome murder is Adam Lane – a long time friend and ex-band mate of Johnny. Are the two crimes related? Could Johnny be responsible? The pressure is on when the case takes on national attention as the band’s popularity increases. Tyler and Mills not only have to solve the murder but they also have to find Johnny.

BLUE MURDER is full of suspense that doesn’t quit. The secrets of the band that are uncovered throughout the investigation begin to complicate things and only raise more questions. I loved learning more about Tyler and Mills and I can’t wait to see where the series will continue! If you want a great crime fiction read with plenty of suspense and red herrings, then look no further.

What’s a favorite crime series of yours?



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