#FashionVictim – Amina Akhtar

Out next week!

Thanks to Crooked Lane Books for the free copy in exchange for my honest review.

#FASHIONVICTIM – Amina Akhtar (Releasing September 11th, 2018)

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My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

I will always enjoy a slasher novel with some humor to it. #FASHIONVICTIM was exactly that! We get a glimpse into the cut throat world that is the fashion industry and how ruthless people are – friends aren’t always what they seem to be.

Anya St. Clair is working for the fashion magazine La Vie and is absolutely infatuated with her coworker, Sarah Taft. Sarah is perfect in every way, from her rich family to her blonde hair and Anya is determined to become her BFF. Things begin to change when they are up against each other for the same promotion, a promotion that would make one of them the other’s boss. The pressure is getting to Anya as she continues to consult with Dr. M, her therapist, on how to handle her obsession with Sarah.

As the story progresses we begin to experience the downward spiral of Anya’s mental state. Bodies begin to pile up as she deals with the stress and as she tries to make Sarah her best friend. No one can get in the way of that.

This is told entirely from Anya’s perspective, so we get to fully experience her mental break and get a front row seat to the murders she commits. Full of blood, gore, and hysterics I loved them all. I know right off the bat this won’t be for everyone. The language used and the focus on the designers, labels, and outfits gave me major AMERICAN PSYCHO vibes. Considering this isn’t a mystery as to who the killer is, there aren’t any major twists to the story. However, there was plenty of, “how is Anya going to get away with all of this?” going through my head. I did enjoy one little twist that was thrown in that I wasn’t completely expecting!

For those that love the Deanna Madden series (THE GIRL IN 6E) and the Alvina Knightly series (MAD, BAD, AND DANGEROUS TO KNOW), then you’ll really enjoy this one. Getting into the mind of these quirky and crazy women is always fun and this was a quick read. Exactly what I needed! I’ll be curious to see what Amina comes out with next – hopefully more crazy characters and plenty of blood lust to go around.


Do you like these types of books?


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