We, The Jury – Robert Rotstein

I’ve had this one on the TBR since October and it kept getting bumped down, but I’m so happy that I finally sat down to read this one.

Thanks to Blackstone Publishing for the free advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

WE, THE JURY – Robert Rotstein (out now!)

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My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

From the start this was a uniquely told story. A man kills his wife with an axe the day before their wedding anniversary. Seems like an open and shut case, right? Wrong. Was David Sullinger simply a man that murdered his wife, or was a he a man pushed too far after decades of abuse? WE, THE JURY chronicles the trial through the use of court documents, deliberation, and then thoughts from the judge, bailiff, and others involved.

While there are a lot of different perspectives in this book, they all have a clear voice and nothing felt confusing to me. Each chapter is clearly labeled so we know who is speaking to us and it was very intriguing to hear the thoughts process for each juror.

Trying to figure out if David Sullinger was a battered husband versus a crazed killer was fascinating to see play out. Hearing the stories, the testimonies of him and his children, all of it painted a picture of the family life and how witnesses can have slight variations in their memory of events. Is this all calculated out? Is it simply different perspectives of the traumatizing events?

Overall, I think this was a uniquely told story and I enjoyed having it be from the jurors as opposed to the actual trial. You see a lot of courtroom dramas play out in the setting of the trial, but this is the first one I’ve picked up that takes place in the aftermath. If you’re looking for a good courtroom drama, then I highly recommend picking this one up!



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