January 2019 TBR

Good bye 2018 and hello 2019! Last year was a great year for books and there are so many incredible ones in the line up already.

Thanks to all the publishers for sending the free advanced copies in exchange for my honest reviews and tour spots!

A good portion of these are #allthebookreviews titles and others are TLC Book Tour spots 🙂 A great way to kick off the year.


January 2019 TBR:

THE GIRLFRIEND – Michelle Frances (TLC Book Tours – 1/1)

HALF OF WHAT YOU HEAR – Kristyn Kusek Lewis (TLC Book Tours – 1/3)

THE GOWN – Jennifer Robson (TLC Book Tours – 1/6 and Review 1/8)

THE BOOK ARTIST – Mark Pryor (Releasing 1/8)

FREEFALL – Jessica Barry (Releasing 1/8)

THE LIAR’S PARADOX – Taylor Stevens (TLC Book Tours – 1/10)

THE WIDOWS – Jess Montgomery (TLC Book Tours – 1/15)

THE DEATH MESSENGER – Mari Hannah (Releasing 1/15)

LAST WOMAN STANDING – Amy Gentry (Releasing 1/15)

AS LONG AS WE BOTH SHALL LIVE – JoAnn Chaney (Releasing 1/15)

YOU KNOW YOU WANT THIS – Kristen Roupenian (Releasing 1/15)

THE DREAMER – Karen Thompson Walker (Releasing 1/15)

THE SIMILARS – Rebecca Hanover (TLC Book Tours – 1/18)

NO EXIT – Taylor Adams (TLC Book Tours – 1/19) – not pictured

THE LIAR’S ROOM – Simon Lelic (Blog Tour – 1/20)

HOLLOW MIDDLE – John Popielaski (TLC Book Tours – 1/21)

ONE FATAL MISTAKE – Tom Hunt (Blog Tour – 1/23) – not pictured

SOMETHING WORTH SAVING – Sandi Ward (TLC Book Tours – 1/24) – not pictured

THE LOCK – Andrew Barrett (Blog Tour – 1/23) – not pictured

COURAGE BETWEEN LOVE AND DEATH – Joseph Pillitteri (TLC Book Tours – 1/28)

JUDGMENT – Joseph Finder (Releasing 1/29)

THE HIDING PLACE – CJ Tudor (TLC Book Tours – 1/31)

FOR BETTER AND WORSE – Margot Hunt (out now!)




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