The Last Time I Saw You – Liv Constantine

This was the most relaxing Saturday afternoon I’ve had in a long time. Got to enjoy the sun with the dogs, coffee, and a book.

Thanks to Harper Books for the free advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

THE LAST TIME I SAW YOU – Liv Constantine (Releasing May 7th, 2019)

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My Thoughts: 3/5 stars!

This was my introduction to Liv Constantine – I’ve heard nothing but great things about THE LAST MRS. PARRISH, so I was ready to start this one. THE LAST TIME I SAW YOU is definitely more of a domestic drama/suspense rather than a thriller. So it will have a little bit of a slower pacing to it – something to know prior to starting.

Sometimes a funeral is what brings together estranged friends. When Blaire receives a call from her former best friend, Kate, about her mother being murdered, Blaire is on the next flight out. Kate is a successful heart surgeon and Blaire is co-author on an International best-selling crime series, despite their lives taking different paths, they are happy to be reunited.

Blaire is determined to stay and help solve the murder of Lily – especially now that Kate seems to be the next target of the killer. Texts, packages of of dead animals with threatening versions of nursery rhymes, and weird things happening around the house are enough to start to unravel Kate. Is she losing her mind, or is there someone targeting her? Who could be doing this? With the police thinking it’s someone close to the family, Kate doesn’t know who she can trust.

While the plot was great, I had some issues with the execution. There were a lot of parts that blended together. We would be in the present day, then it would suddenly be a flashback without much of a transition. Some internal dialogues didn’t make sense and had the same blending issue with the dialogue between characters. I enjoyed Blaire’s way of taking the investigation into her own hands and using her research for her novels to help. The characters were hard to connect with but the way Constantine wove together the story worked really well. The ending I can see working for some readers, I would recommend suspending some reality for it.

Overall, this is a solid domestic drama and I didn’t see the ending coming. If you’re looking for something with a good pace to it and that isn’t too intense of a thriller, then this will be perfect for you! A good twist at the end and plenty to keep you guessing. I enjoyed the book – it wasn’t bad but it also didn’t completely “wow” me. I will definitely be picking up her other book!

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