May 2019 Wrap Up

May came and went in a flash! It was a crazy month when it came to books as well as just life. We had SNOW in mid-May – specifically on the 12th and then again on the 19th. Kill me. Thankfully it all melted away the next day or overnight. I’m hoping that there won’t be anymore that shows up until December. May also brings Memorial Day and the unofficial McComas family reunion. Now we head into June which means Jeremy’s Canada trip, two weddings, a birthday, and a dedication. And those are all within the first 10 days of the month.

Thank you to all of the authors and publishers that provided me with free copies in exchange for my honest reviews and including me in their blog tour events.


May 2019 Wrap Up:

#ATBR2019 Titles: 11 books

Book Tour/Blog Tour Titles: 6 books

JADED – Rob Ashman – 4 stars – Blog Tour & Review here

THE LAST TIME I SAW YOU – Liv Constantine – 3 stars – Review here

THE UNHONEYMOONERS – Christina Lauren – 5 stars – #ATBR2019 here

WOLFHUNTER RIVER – Rachel Caine – 4 stars – #ATBR2019 here

THE NIGHT BEFORE – Wendy Walker – 3.5 stars – #ATBR2019 here

THE MISSING SEASON – Gillian French – 3.5 stars – Review here – #ATBR2019 here

MINE – Courtney Cole – 5 stars – #ATBR2019 here

NOT BAD PEOPLE – Brandy Scott – 4 stars – Review here

THE CHESTNUT MAN – Soren Sveistrup – 4 stars – Buddy Read Reviews here

THE FAVORITE DAUGHTER – Kaira Rouda – 4 stars – Review here – #ATBR2019 here– Excerpt here

ONE MORE LIE – Amy Lloyd – 4 stars – Review here – #ATBR2019 here

HER SECRET SON – Hannah Mary McKinnon – 3.5 stars – Review here – #ATBR2019 here

BECAUSE OF YOU – Helene Fermont – 3 stars – Blog Tour here

LAW & ADDICTION – Mike Papantonio – 4 stars – Blog Tour here

REALM – Alexandrea Weis – 3.5 starsĀ  Blog Tour here

A SHATTERED LENS – Layton Green – 4 stars – Review here

ROGUE STRIKE – David Ricciardi – 3 stars – Blog Tour and Review here

JUST ONE BITE – Jack Heath – 5 stars – Blog Tour and Review here – #ATBR2019 coming soon

THE CHAIN – Adrian McKinty – 4 stars – #ATBR2019 here

WE WERE KILLERS ONCE – Becky Masterman – 3.5 stars – Review to come (finished May 31st – just in time!)







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