A Shattered Lens – Layton Green

May is coming to an end! Sliding in some more books before time is up for the month.

Thanks to Seventh Street Books for the free copy in exchange for my honest review

A SHATTERED LENS – Layton Green (Releasing May 28th, 2019)

Loving this green cover!


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

Any fans of police procedurals? A SHATTERED LENS by Layton Green follows Detective Joe Everson, aka Preach, as they try to track down a killer. The beginning of the book really set the tone and gave it an ominous feel for the reader. The murder of David Stratton, the all-star football player, has rocked the small town of Creekville. It’s up to Preach to find the killer.

The victim’s mother, Claire Lourdis, is the prime suspect and to complicate things, she also happens to be the “one that got away” in Preach’s past. As the investigation progresses his feelings for the recent divorcee could be clouding his judgement – what could that mean for solving the crime and for his budding relationship with prosecutor girlfriend, Ari?

Meanwhile, high school student Annalise is determined to follow her dreams and become a filmmaker. On her first night filming her expose she stumbles upon a murder in the nearby woods. Running for her life, she seems to have gotten away from the killer. What did she see? Did she catch anything on film?

This was a great procedural novel and you get to see the characters really grow in this one. This is part of the Detective Preach Emerson series – WRITTEN IN BLOOD is the first book. I would say that you could pick this up as a standalone but you’ll miss some backstory on Preach and Ari and where they started. Otherwise, I would highly recommend picking this one up!




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