Murderabilia – Carl Vonderau

Released yesterday!

Thanks to Midnight Ink for the free advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

MURDERABILIA – Carl Vonderau

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My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

Imagine being a kid and finding out that your father was a serial killer? That is the reality for William and his sister Polly. When they were young their father was arrested and convicted as the serial killer dubbed The Preying Hands. He was known for sending graphic photos of his victims to the newspapers, only these were carefully staged photos. He would cut off their hands and other body parts – he would position the hands in a praying position and then arrange the rest of the photo.

It’s been decades and William and Polly have changed their last names and are living happy lives without that stigma hanging over them. Until one day William receives a call from someone claiming to be his brother threatening him. Then he’s framed for a murder that is similar to that of his father. Will they be able to catch the man that is copying the notorious Preying Hands before it’s too late?

This was a thrilling read from start to finish. Being around 400 pages I wasn’t expecting to go through it as quickly as I did. Started last night and finished this morning! This cat and mouse game was suspenseful and gruesome. The way that these women were killed and then photographed was horrific and twisted – exactly what we look for in a serial killer thriller, right? This is told from William’s perspective as they try to catch his father’s copycat. Vonderau gives you just enough information to string you along to see what will happen next and really makes you feel the tension.

I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new cat and mouse thriller!

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