Goodbye Horses – Paul Brad Logan

Thanks to the author for the free ebook copy in exchange for my honest review!

GOODBYE HORSES – Paul Brad Logan

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Here’s the synopsis:

A Sheriff, Deputy, Texas town, murder, cover-up, short-socks, a political race, a Guinness Book of World Record attempt, irritable bowels, an old biker gang, fear of public speaking, a hypnotist, a man with an 80-pound scrotum, and a one-footed clown.

To call it a brutally black comedy would be putting it mildly. Goodbye Horses is a crime story with no mastermind. A horror narrative where the monsters are senselessness, apathy, and an insatiable desire to be known.

Sheriff Junior Miles presides over his town with all the enthusiasm of someone going through the motions. The small city is overwhelmed by all variety of crime and needs something more than Junior and his young overly-sensitive deputy Bubba to keep the peace, but that’s what they had. To make matters worse, Junior has bigger unrealized dreams. Dreams that leave him with an abstract sort of existential longing for something more and no map for how to get there. But after tragedy strikes close to home his search for importance takes a different road when he finds a way to use his job as a catapult to something grander. After making a bold vow to keep his town free from crime for one-year Junior sets off a chain of ridiculous events to make it happen. Ends up creating an avalanche that threatens everything and everybody including himself. And when he’s thrown into the spotlight for a controversial presidential candidate’s campaign, his sweetly naive deputy Bubba makes it his goal to bring an end to the madness.

This book is written in the spirit of Terry Southern, Harry Crews, and the Coen Brothers. Its dark humor often spills into absurdity and the political satire on occasion bumps into farce.

My Thoughts: 4/5 stars

It’s always exciting picking up debut novels for authors. GOODBYE HORSES is the debut from author Paul Brad Logan and it was definitely different than what I was expecting. There seems to be a little bit of something for everyone in this novel. This isn’t the crime fiction novel I was anticipating – it was full of dark humor, political satire, and so much more. There are some moments of violence, but nothing too graphic!

We are brought to the small town of Cynetech, Texas. Junior Miles is the Sheriff in town and is trying all that he can to get the high crime rate down. He schemes up an idea to get the crime rate down and is shockingly successful, but of course, there are always consequences or unforeseen complications down the line. What follows is an insane ride.

It’s difficult to fully go into this book without revealing too much and ruining the reading experience. This book was dark, it was entertaining, it was twisty, it had tangents that didn’t feel connected, it had solidly developed characters. GOODBYE HORSES seemed to have everything you’re looking for in a book. It took a few chapters to really get into the story for me, but after that it was quite the ride. I wasn’t expecting that ending, which didn’t surprise me because nothing about this book was predictable. The author’s writing style felt a little more relaxed, which took a couple chapters to get used to, but it really grows on you.

Overall, if you’re looking for a black comedy crime fiction read, then you’ll want to get this one right away! I’m always apprehensive when I see comparisons to big names like the Coen Brothers, but man, was that spot on (think the dark comedy levels of Fargo or Blood Simple). I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more from Logan in the future.

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