Feature – Storm of the Soul by Sandy Granato

Time for a feature!

STORM OF THE SOUL – Sandy Granato (out now!)

You can find it on Amazon here!


Book Description:

STORM OF THE SOUL begins when a young woman named Rosa files for divorce
from her abusive alcoholic husband and relocates herself and Debbie to the Bronx
so that her ex-husband can’t find them. After they settle at the Fordham section of
the Bronx, Debbie meets with children around her age and makes friends with some
of them.

As a teenager she meets a boy in Italy named Paolo. They go steady but Debbie soon
returns to New York. They write each other often when, one day, Debbie receives a
letter from him saying that he doesn’t want to see her anymore. Around the same
time, Rosa also receives a letter stating that her ex-husband Charles has died. She
tries to keep this from Debbie. One day, when doing household chores, Debbie finds
the letter. She reads it and goes to pieces. Being taken by anxiety, Debbie sees a
psychologist to help deal with her losses. As she recovers, Debbie lands a job as a
guidance counselor.

She meets Frank Abigail, a real estate broker with a criminal past. They marry and
have a child named Stephanie. Despite all of this, Debbie still feels a void inside of her in which nothing could fill it. She soon finds out that Frank has been cheating on her when she discovers a piece of paper with a phone number written on it, which she’s not familiar with in one of Frank’s pockets of his jeans. She confronts Frank about it. He denies that the number belongs to a woman. Because of Debbie’s nature of being jealous and possessive, he later decides to leave her for the other woman.

Debbie snaps as she plots the killing of Frank. One night while he’s purchasing
drugs from a pusher, the killer (which happens to be Debbie) is
dressed in a black ski mask along with a black hooded jacket and gloves. Debbie is
mistaken for the drug pusher in which Frank had purchased some crystal meth from.
When the police arrive to remove Frank’s body from the crime scene, Forensics lifts
the fingerprints from the car in which Debbie was riding in prior to her ending his
life. The case goes to trail and Debbie is sentenced to twenty years in prison.


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