Feature – Storm of the Soul by Sandy Granato

Time for a feature!

STORM OF THE SOUL – Sandy Granato (out now!)

You can find it on Amazon here!


Book Description:

Debbie Cavagnino lives with her mother Rosa in the Bronx, New York City. Life is
tough, but they get by. We follow her and various friends growing up through the
years at school, college and the work place; their struggles, sorrows and joys, the
schoolgirl crushes, and mainly unreliable boyfriends. Rosa early on divorced her
violent and abusive husband; she is strong and has come to terms with it, but at a
deep level, Debbie remains emotionally damaged, and is vulnerable, having lacked a
proper father figure. Debbie meets Frank, seemingly a good man. He is certainly
personable and romantic, and they soon marry, set up house and home and have a
baby daughter, Stephanie. But Frank has a dark side; he is unfaithful and he has a
drug habit. Debbie’s dream life is shattered but she remains loyal and concentrates
on bringing up the little girl. Frank is murdered, apparently by a drug pusher, but
what emerges is truly shocking.


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