Renegade Pawn – Craig S. Wilson

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RENEGADE PAWN – Craig S. Wilson (out now!)

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renegade pawn

Book Description:

Lucas Rocha never meant to become a drug dealer. But when he picks the wallet of vacationing DEA Agent Daniel Burke, Lucas becomes a pawn in the battle between Rio’s drug cartel and lawmakers’ attempts to bring them to justice. The lives of these two strangers quickly become permanently—and dangerously—intertwined when Lucas is asked to infiltrate the cartel and navigate the deathly politics of its powerful drug lords.

Hell-bent on beating the odds and escaping alive, Lucas not only survives but begins to rise in the cartel’s ranks. Life on the inside is dangerous, but the tradeoff is that he can gain power, protection and money. The temptation is great for one who comes from so little and also has two little sisters he must protect as they have no one else but him.

Nor does Lucas know that his many years as a street kid will now offer him the perfect path to power.

My Thoughts: 5/5 stars

This is book one in the Lucas Rocha crime fiction series, we are introduced to Lucas, a teenager that finds himself tangled into the drug cartel as a dealer. We also meet DEA Agent Daniel Burke that happens to be on vacation in Brazil. Their paths cross when Lucas steals Daniel’s wallet, and so begins their mission against the cartel. Imagine not even wanting to have to turn to a life of crime, but having to in order to support your sisters, THEN being asked to infiltrate the levels of the cartel without being caught. Talk about a suspenseful thriller!

Being under 200 pages made for a quick read and the author gives you all the information you need to connect with the characters and know their struggles. No unnecessary fillers or lulls in this one. I enjoyed the writing and the way Wilson captures the danger and temptation of power that working in the cartel can have. I’ve always been fascinated with this topic. I devour shows like Dope and Drugs, Inc and any other documentaries I can find. If you’re looking for a quick read with some great suspense, then you need to get this one your TBR.

Author Craig S Wilson at work

About the Author:

Craig S Wilson is a serial creative, who has written 300 songs, three musicals, and three books. He published Dating for Life in 2013, a book describing the four keys to maintaining successful relationships. He is also the author of Gig, a historical fiction that explores the wonderment of teenage romance during the exploding music scene of the 60’s.

The LUCAS ROCHA Thriller Series was inspired by a true story when Craig was sent on a business trip to Brazil and was robbed by a street kid. He never forgot that moment. It inspired him to write about the tens of thousands of kids trying to survive on the streets of Rio. Renegade Pawn is the first book in the LUCAS ROCHA Thriller Series.

Craig’s mantra is “live life in crescendo,” and he is passionate about almost anything that he does. Through his personal journey in finding the love of his life, he continues to pursue his dreams of changing people’s lives through his stories.

Connect with Craig S. Wilson:

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