Book Mail – The Village That Fell Into Hell by John A. Smith & David Charles Smith

Some new horror book mail!

Thanks to the author for the free copy in exchange for my honest review

THE VILLAGE THAT FELL INTO HELL – John A. Smith & David Charles Smith (out now!)


Here’s the synopsis:

John Card’s world changes on his honeymoon when he consults an ancient psychic woman who awaits him. She tells him that his perilous path is set and that he is to rebalance the yin and yang of destiny. Then she vanishes.

Edward Harding is a monster. His terrorised wife, Joanne, is unable to leave the village which lives by the evil Harding perpetrates. When it catches up with Joanne, her fate is sealed with horror beyond her wildest nightmares.

A spiritual medium later confirms what the psychic told John, but it also involves his wife and brother. With the medium’s help, they must seek Harding’s village and fight the evil that dwells there.

Their journey takes them through time and nations, meeting spirits who can advise or help them fight. Are they able to triumph over Harding’s evil forces and complete their quest? Or will his legacy prove too strong for them?

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