One Little Secret – Cate Holahan

Released earlier this week!

Thanks to Crooked Lane Books for the free copy in exchange for my honest review

ONE LITTLE SECRET – Cate Holahan (out now!)

You can see my review for Holahan’s other novel, LIES THEY TOLD, here!


My Thoughts: 3.5/5 stars!

My introduction to Holahan was her novel LIES THEY TOLD, and I absolutely loved it! So when I received a copy of ONE LITTLE SECRET I couldn’t wait to start it. I will say that this wasn’t the thriller I was expecting it to be, but more of a domestic drama/suspense. So that’s good to know going into it – at least I always like knowing that!

I normally love the domestic thriller/suspense genre, but I feel like lately a lot of them have followed a similar formula. Don’t get me wrong, I always the murder mystery element and seeing where the author takes us. Holahan wowed me with her other book and her writing is the reason why. She gives us characters we can like and also characters that we can hate, always fun right?

Three couples, all neighbors, decide to rent a house together in the Hamptons for the week. One night, one of the wives goes on a walk alone, but then her body is found on the beach the next day. Who could have killed her? Was it someone in the house? This book makes you wonder, could I spend that kind of time with any of my neighbors? I feel like I’m one of those rare cases where we basically have no neighbors, yay for rural areas! You never truly know what they’re like until you’re living with them for a week.

Overall, if you love domestic suspense novels, then this will be perfect. It has that slower pacing compared to the thrillers and has a good murder mystery to it. I’ll continue to pick up whatever I can from Holahan!


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