Book Feature – Marriage and Ministry: a Pride and Prejudice Novel by Amanda Kai


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Book Description:

Charlotte Lucas had all but given up hope of ever marrying, but her fortunes change when she meets a young minister with a benefactor and fine prospects. William Collins came to Hertfordshire with the express intention of finding a wife, but when his first choice spurns him, he quickly transfers his affection to the lady’s best friend, Charlotte. Their whirlwind courtship appears to lead only to a marriage of convenience and superficial admiration, but beneath the surface, a deeper connection grows between them. Just as their true feelings begin to manifest, Charlotte and William find their marriage thrown into tumult when Charlotte’s efforts to redeem a group of fallen women splits their parish community. Will this threaten William’s position as rector of Hunsford Parish and the happiness that William and Charlotte have found together?

Set within the timeframe of Jane Austen’s beloved classic, this Pride and Prejudice story is told through the eyes of Charlotte Lucas, a devoted Christian, and William Collins, a minister whose shallow faith runs contrary to the deeply rooted values his new bride holds. Against a backdrop of prejudice, religious hypocrisy, and moral vice, it will take compassion, love, and the power of faith to rescue Charlotte’s friends from the grip of their evil employer and restore happiness to Charlotte and William in their marriage and ministry.


About the Author:

Since she was a child, Amanda Kai’s appetite for a good story has sparked her imagination for telling tales of her own; everything from creating bedtime stories for her younger brother to writing fanfiction and short stories. Her creativity came to fruition with the completion of her first full-length book, Marriage and Ministry- a Pride and Prejudice Novel. Prior to becoming an author, Amanda enjoyed a career as a professional harpist and harp instructor. Amanda lives in Leander, Texas, with her husband and three children.

How to Connect with Amanda:

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