Too Close – Natalie Daniels

This was the last book I snuck in for July!

Thanks to Harper Paperbacks for the free copy in exchange for my honest review

TOO CLOSE – Natalie Daniels (out now!)


Book Description:

A haunting, edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller about a woman who has been institutionalized for a heinous crime, and the psychiatrist assigned to her case who must uncover the truth beneath the madness.

How close do you get before it’s too late…?

Working as a dedicated forensic psychiatrist for many years, Emma is not shocked so easily. Then she is assigned to work with Connie, a wife and mother accused of a despicable crime. Connie is suffering from dissociative amnesia—or at least seems to be.

Now it is up to Emma to decide whether Connie can stand trial for her sins. But there is something about Connie that inexorably pulls Emma into her orbit. Perhaps it is the way she seems to see right through Emma, speaking to Emma’s deepest insecurities about her life, marriage, and her own tragic past. And soon Emma begins to understand how Connie’s complicated marriage and toxic relationship with her beautiful best friend Ness could have driven Connie to snap—or maybe, she is simply getting too close to a woman who is unforgivable…

Alternating between the two women’s points of view, before and after Connie’s breakdown, Too Close is a masterfully written page turner about the powerful—yet dangerous—closeness between women.

My Thoughts: 3.5/5 stars!

A woman wakes up in an institution with no recollection of how she sustained all of her horrific injuries. Was it a crash? Is her husband alright? Her children? We quickly learn that Connie is being observed and working with a forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Robinson. This is told in Connie’s perspective with some chapters from Emma Robinson’s.

This one kept my intrigue throughout. I loved the diary entries from Connie’s daughter. They felt so authentic and even had the expected spelling errors a little girl might have. We get to see the events unfold that lead to where we are. Connie’s toxic relationship with Ness gives us some insight into what might have brought her to the edge and to her breakdown.

The only reason I dropped it down a little bit was because I had a couple spots where it felt slower. Otherwise this is the perfect suspense read to pick up this summer!

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