September 2019 TBR

It’s September! Holy shit, where has the year gone??

Thanks to all the publishers and authors that have sent me copies in exchange for my honest reviews, blog tour spots, and features.

You’ll see all kinds of fun books this month, and dare I say it, I might even get to get a head start on some fun Halloween books!


September 2019 TBR:

PRETTY GUILTY WOMEN – Gina LaManna (Releasing September 3rd, 2019)

THIS TENDER LAND – William Kent Krueger (Releasing September 3rd, 2019)

REWIND – Catherine Ryan Howard (Releasing September 3rd, 2019)

THE GLASS WOMAN – Caroline Lea (Releasing September 3rd, 2019)

TO THE LIONS – Holly Watt (Releasing September 3rd, 2019)

A GIRL NAMED ANNA – Lizzy Barber (Blog Tour & Review – September 3rd, 2019) – Not Pictured

I LIKE YOU LIKE THAT – Heather Cumiskey (Book Feature – September 3rd, 2019)

WHEN THE WORLD DIDN’T END – Caroline Kaufman (Book Feature – September 3rd, 2019)

WILD SAVAGE STARS – Kristina Perez (Book Feature – September 6th, 2019)

MOTHER KNOWS BEST – Kira Peikoff (Releasing September 10th, 2019)

THE NANNY – Gilly Macmillan (TLC Book Tour – September 11th, 2019)

THINGS YOU LEAVE BEHIND – M.L. Kennedy (Releasing September 13th, 2019)

FIVE DARK FATES – Kendare Blake (Book Feature – September 13th, 2019) – Not Pictured

A SONG FOR THE ROAD – Rayne Lacko (Book Feature – September 15th, 2019) – Not Pictured

MET HER MATCH – Jude Deveraux (Book Feature – September 16th, 2019) – Not Pictured

THE WIDOW OF PALE HARBOR – Hester Fox (Releasing September 17th, 2019)

WHAT ROSE FORGOT – Nevada Barr (Releasing September 17th, 2019)

STRANGERS SHE KNOWS – Christina Dodd (Releasing September 17th, 2019)

THE STRANGER INSIDE – Lisa Unger (Blog Tour & Review – September 17th, 2019) – Not Pictured

ELEVATOR PITCH – Linwood Barclay (TLC Book Tour – September 17th, 2019)

HOW TO SURVIVE A HORROR MOVIE – Seth Grahame-Smith (Releasing September 24th, 2019)

BOMBER’S MOON – Archer Mayor (Releasing September 24th, 2019)

THE LAST SEANCE – Agatha Christie (Releasing September 24th, 2019)

VIOLET – Scott Thomas (Releasing September 24th, 2019)

NO JUDGMENTS – Meg Cabot (TLC Book Tour – September 25th, 2019) – Not Pictured

WHEN YOU ASK ME WHERE I AM GOING – Jasmin Kaur (Book Feature – September 30th, 2019) – Not Pictured

BLACK CHALK – Christopher J. Yates ( #buddyreadstodiefor )



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