Killing Quarry – Max Allan Collins

Another entry in the Quarry series!

Thanks to Hard Case Crime and Titan Books for the free early copy in exchange for my honest review.

KILLING QUARRY – Max Allan Collins (Releasing Today!)

You can see my post here with the rest of the Quarry series!


Book Description:

The hitman hero of the acclaimed series Quarry on Cinemax returns with an all-new assignment. By Quarry’s creator, the award-wining author of Road to Perdition!

Quarry, star of 13 previous novels, a comic book and the acclaimed Cinemax TV series, returns in an all-new assignment that takes the hitman’s hitman into uncharted territory, when he finds out that for the first time someone has taken out a hit on him. And is the mysterious killer assigned to hit the hitman someone from Quarry’s past? Maybe even a past lover…?

Mini Review – My Thoughts: 4/5 stars

With this being just shy of 250 pages, I’ll try to keep this review fairly brief. This is book fourteen in the Quarry series. While that sounds daunting to start in this late, I feel like you could get away with it. You’ll miss out on some background on Quarry, our “hitman’s hitman” but it’s still fairly easy to follow along. I’ve always loved having the kind of anti-hero as our “hero” in books – you don’t want to root for the hitman, but you can’t help it!

This has the action and mystery that you want in a Hard Case Crime novel and exactly what we’ve come to expect in the Quarry series. I’m amazed that this series has been going on for so long and that the books are still just as quick to get through and completely engaging. If you want a good crime fiction series to get into, then I highly recommend this one!


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