New Year’s Book Resolution – Keeping Organized

I’m finally hoping to stick with this whole staying organized resolution. I’ve tried regular notebooks before and plenty of spreadsheets throughout the years and nothing seems to stick. So when I saw this beauty from Little Inklings Design I knew I had to order one.


The inside of this journal is laid out perfectly for keeping track of your reading, TBR, book hauls, wishlists, ratings, and other challenges. I’ve already gotten the calendars all filled in and I’m beginning to add in my already scheduled book and blog tours to stay ahead of everything.

How do you keep track of your reading and your TBR? Do you keep a journal? Spreadsheets? Just by memory? Goodreads? I also want to make sure I actually update that when I finish books and not the end of each month, because that’s a fast way to fall behind.

Do you have a resolution in regards to reading this year?

ALSO, look at these beautiful book sleeves from Sew Happy Stitch Happy. I’m so excited to be staying on as a rep for her going into the new year 🙂 Use my code: JESS10 for a discount on her website. You can check that out here!

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