Into the Fire – Gregg Hurwitz

Happy release day!

Thanks to Minotaur Books for the free early copy in exchange for my honest review

INTO THE FIRE – Gregg Hurwitz (Releasing January 28th, 2020)

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Book Description:

The New York Times bestselling Orphan X returns—facing his own uncertain future and undertaking one last mission.

Taken from a group home at age twelve, Evan Smoak was trained as an off-the-books government assassin: Orphan X. After breaking with the Program, he reinvented himself as The Nowhere Man, a figure shrouded in shadows who helps the truly desperate. But the government didn’t let go of him easily, sending their best to hunt him down and eliminate him. All of them failed. With his deadliest enemies behind him, Evan is facing a new challenge—what is he going to do now that no one is after him?

Max Merriweather is at the end of his rope. Separated from the woman he loves and barely scraping by, Max is a disappointment to everyone in his life. Then his very successful cousin Grant is brutally murdered. Two months before, Grant left Max an envelope with instructions to take it to a reporter if anything happened to him. Now the reporter is missing and Max’s apartment is ransacked. A man at the end of his rope, he calls The Nowhere Man.

With mixed feelings, Evan takes on this mission, easily finding the men who are after Max and executing a plan to keep him safe. But it isn’t as obvious as it seems—and Evan finds himself enmeshed in one of the most challenging missions of his life, one that he can’t survive on his own. With the help of Joey Morales, a genius-level hacker and the last Orphan recruited into the Program, and the brilliant, off-the-books gunsmith, Tommy Stojack, Orphan X once more heads…Into the Fire.

My Thoughts: 5/5 stars

I’ll start with, I’m really sad because I had seen that this could potentially be the final book in the Orphan X series. I may have started with book three in this series, but I absolutely love it. Evan Smoak, AKA Orphan X and now The Nowhere Man. A former student in a secretive, off-the-books government facility to be an assassin, he has now become someone people can go to for jobs when they can’t turn to anyone else.

The thing I will say about this series is that you need to suspend reality. This is a thrilling and action-packed read and it’s what I’ve loved from when I originally started with Orphan X. Evan is a great character and the lengths he’ll go to help those that need it is incredible. This is his hardest case to date and he will be pushed to his limits. Not only is the case harder but he suffers a concussion and isn’t working at his best. Will Evan be able to save Max?

I loved having more characters from the Orphan Program – Joey Morales and Tommy Stojack to help the Nowhere Man on his mission. If you want a fast moving, thrilling, and intense series about a highly trained killer, then you need to start the Orphan X series right away! I certainly hope that this isn’t the end of Evan Smoak. I’ll have to go pick up more from Hurwitz at the bookstore!

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