Book Mail – Journey by Andrew Zimmerman

Some pretty new book mail!

Thanks to the publisher and GetRed PR for the free copy in exchange for an honest review and feature

JOURNEY – Andrew Zimmerman (Released March 3rd, 2020)


Here’s the synopsis:

What happens when a male version of Eat Pray Love meets The Alchemist?

The result is Journey: A Novel, a genre-bending, consciousness expanding debut novel by Andrew Zimmerman. In it, Zimmerman explores the implications of taking a spiritual, life-altering risk to challenge your reality. Steeped in mysticism, wisdom and wonder, Journey awakens and inspires.

Paul, a driven, highly successful and increasingly disenchanted executive, struggles to reconcile the digital world of his unrelenting career, the material world of his tony West Village existence, and the spiritual world opening up to him, with the help of a captivating stranger.

Paul hopes to be the next CEO of New York based tech-giant Ascendant, and neglects both his family – and himself – in his race to the top. When he takes an unexpected trip to Glastonbury – an English village rich in history and mysticism – Paul’s reality and his worldview are challenged.

A mecca for would-be witches, goddesses, druids and burned-out hippies, Glastonbury embodies the diametric opposite of Paul’s elite corporate job with its backstabbing and politicking. Like many spiritual seekers before him, he’s drawn to the energy of a nearby hill – Tor – said to be the mythical Isle of Avalon. There, Paul meets Christine, a beautiful soul reader, who plants the metaphysical seeds that take root – and start to turn his life upside down.

When he returns to New York, his wife, Mary, is skeptical. Is Paul having a spiritual awakening or is he falling for a beautiful charlatan? Frightened and intrigued in equal measure, Mary watches him struggle to navigate between his business and spiritual worlds. A series of synchronistic events draws Paul closer to Glastonbury and Christine, compelling him and a reluctant Mary to return, knowing their lives will change forever.

About the Author:

Andrew Zimmerman is the CEO of frog, a global leader in design and strategy. There, he’s responsible for driving the firm’s global strategy, business development and operations. The first in a trilogy, Journey is Zimmerman’s first novel.

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