Book Mail – A Haunt of Travels by A.W. Mason

Some exciting book mail! I mean, getting early copies is always fun, but when it’s from a Bookstagrammer friend, that’s even more exciting. I’m so ready to start this one and I’m loving the ominous looking cover. You can check out his IG here

Thanks to the author, A.W. Mason, for the early copy in exchange for my honest review

A HAUNT OF TRAVELS – A.W. Mason (coming out soon!)


Here’s the synopsis:

Take a journey through a haunt of travels…

A retirement community holds the secrets to decades-long serial murders, but will these secrets get out or stay buried forever? Three friends take a road trip but soon find themselves pitted against a maniac with no motive and no remorse. In the near dystopian future, a twenty mile race promises the prize of a lifetime, but it comes with a hidden cost. A blood splatter analyst finds himself in a town that doesn’t seem to exist with no way to call for help.

Immerse yourself in terror and suspense with these stories and more as each turn of th epage drives you deeper into an expedition of fear.

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