Blog Tour & Review – Murder on a Mississippi Steamboat by Leighann Dobbs

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Thanks to the publisher and Bookouture for the free ebook copy in exchange for my honest review

MURDER ON A MISSISSIPPI STEAMBOAT – Leighann Dobbs (Released June 1st, 2020)


Book Description:


Nora elbowed her way up to the railing and looked down. The paddle wheel was making its last turn, dredging up a mass of turquoise chiffon made almost transparent by the water. A hand, its red lacquered fingernails a contrast to the pale white skin, stuck up from a bejeweled cuff…

A relaxing cruise down the Mississippi on the Miss Delta Belle steamboat turns to tragedy when celebrity Delilah Dove falls from the deck and is swallowed by the river faster than you can say ‘man overboard!’

It’s touted as a tragic accident, but guests Miss Nora Marsh and her wily great-aunt Julia know a murder when they see one. Can they get justice for Delilah and crack the case without alerting the murderer to their suspicions?

As Nora and Julia hunt for clues it emerges that nearly everyone had a reason to want Delilah dead. And that’s bad news for the two sleuths—who want to solve the case pronto, before Mississippi police chief and Aunt Julia’s nemesis Artemis Leonard comes on board at the next port to launch the official investigation. She’s not letting him get the credit if she can help it.

With multiple suspects and a series of mysterious thefts onboard—not to mention the distractingly handsome Max Lawton turning Nora’s head—this is shaping up to be one tough case to crack. What started as a gentle river voyage is far from plain sailing.

A gripping and witty 1920s murder mystery from bestselling author Leighann Dobbs, perfect for fans of T E Kinsey and Lee Strauss.

My Thoughts: 4/ 5 stars

Here’s the start of a new cozy mystery meets historical fiction series! MURDER ON A MISSISSIPPI STEAMBOAT is such a quick read and more on the lighter side of the mystery genre. Plus, the main detective duo is a mystery writer and her great-niece? Even better! Sometimes those of us who frequent the gruesome thrillers and murder mysteries need something on the lighter side and this fits that perfectly.

I loved the setting of the steamboat. Only a finite number of potential killers and it adds the element of having to solve it before they have a chance to disembark. Who would want the celebrity Delilah Dove dead? Plenty of suspicious characters aboard and everyone seems to have a motive to want her dead. Nora and Julia were quite the fun pair. I love the amateur detectives in these types of novels.

The author did a great job setting the scene and giving us that historical fiction element. For those that love the 1920’s as a setting, you’ll really enjoy this one and the research that went into it. The author gives us solid characterization, a good little mystery, some red herrings, and a new detective duo I would love to continue with!

Leighann Dobbs author photo

About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author, Leighann Dobbs, discovered her passion for writing after a twenty year career as a software engineer. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband Bruce, their trusty Chihuahua mix Mojo and beautiful rescue cat, Kitty.

Her book “Dead Wrong” won the “Best Mystery Romance” award at the 2014 Indie Romance Convention.

Her book “Ghostly Paws” was the 2015 Chanticleer Mystery & Mayhem First Place category winner in the Animal Mystery category.

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