September 2020 TBR

Finally into fall season! Who else is excited for the temperatures to cool down?

Thanks to the publishers and authors for any free early copies in exchange for my honest reviews and blog tour spots

As usual, here’s the hopeful TBR that includes features, blog tours, #ATBR2020, #BuddyReadsToDieFor, and more!


September 2020 TBR:

WHEN NO ONE’S WATCHING – Alyssa Cole – Releasing September 1st, 2020

THE MAN I MARRIED – Elena Wilkes – Blog Tour & Review September 1st, 2020 (Not Pictured)

COMANCHE – Brett Riley – Releasing September 1st, 2020

THREE SINGLE WIVES – Gina Lamanna – Releasing September 1st, 2020

THE PARIS MODEL – Alexandra Joel – TLC Book Tour Feature – September 8th, 2020

ONE BY ONE – Ruth Ware – Releasing September 8th, 2020

IGNITE THE SUN – Hanna C. Howard – TLC Book Tour – September 10th, 2020

THE ORPHAN OF CEMETERY HILL – Hester Fox – Blog Tour, Excerpt & Review – September 15th, 2020 (Not Pictured)

DON’T LOOK FOR ME – Wendy Walker – Releasing September 15th, 2020

THESE VIOLENT DELIGHTS – Micah Nemerever – Releasing September 15th, 2020

THE SILENT CONSPIRACY – LC Shaw – TLC Book Tour Feature – September 18th, 2020

PLAYING WITH FIRE – Billy Hallowell – TLC Book Tour Feature – September 21st, 2020

REMEDIOS – Deborah Clearman – TLC Book Tour – September 22nd, 2020

TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH – Gilly Macmillan – Releasing September 22nd, 2020

COMING HOME TO HOPE STREET – Marcie Steele – Blog Tour & Review – September 23rd, 2020 (Not Pictured)

#BuddyReadsToDieFor – Sweet Pea – CJ Skuse (Not Pictured)


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