Book Mail – Skim Deep by Max Allan Collins

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the Hard Case Crime series. All the pulp fiction goodness combined with the beautiful pinup cover art make for a fun series to collect!

Thank you Hard Case Crime for the surprise book mail and the newest addition to the collection (hopefully I can squeeze this one on the very full shelf with all my HCC books)

SKIM DEEP – Max Allan Collins (Released November 8th, 2020)

Here’s the synopsis:


It’s been 33 years since the world-class thief known only by his last name—Nolan—last appeared in a novel by Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Max Allan Collins. Since then, the big man has gone straight and even proposed to his longtime lover, Sherry. But when their honeymoon plans take them to a Las Vegas casino with Mob connections, it’s going to take all of Nolan’s survival instincts—and the help of his old friend and frequent accomplice, Jon—to keep him from an unmarked grave in the unforgiving desert.

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