Blog Tour & Review – 20/20 by Carl Goodman

Kicking off the 20/20 blog tour today!

Thanks to Books on the Bright Side and Hera for the free ebook copy in exchange for my honest review

20/20 – Carl Goodman (Released June 16th, 2021)

Book Description:

Can you see a killer before it’s too late?

On the first day of her new job, D.I. Eva Harris is called to the scene of a brutal murder at the heart of Surrey society. A shocking crime by a meticulous killer – who escaped with the victim’s eyes.

With the body drained of blood and no forensic evidence left at the scene, Harris’ efforts to find the killer becomes desperate. But as her investigation is complicated by corruption at the heart of the police, she doesn’t know who to trust on her own team.

As the pressure mounts, Eva realises the murder is even more horrific than it seems, and her own dreadful history threatens to be drawn out with it…

A dark and compulsive detective novel, for fans of Chris Carter and M.W Craven.

My Thoughts: 3.5/5 stars

Who doesn’t love a good police procedural with a badass female detective and brutal killer? 20/20 by Carl Goodman brings us a meticulous and sadistic killer along with the newly instated DI Eva Harris. Not many people have to go to a crime scene of a gruesome murder on their first days at work. Now, I have a thing about eyes. Like that’s probably the only thing that I get uncomfortable with. No contacts for this girl, ever, and forget about eye drops. You get the point, I hate when movies and books go after the eyes (mine are watering thinking about it now). Eva finds a body that has been completely drained of blood and the eyes have been surgically removed from the victim’s head. This is reminiscent of the killer known as the “Eye Slicer” from years prior, but Eva isn’t so positive that this is the same person.

While I really enjoyed most aspects of this book the only thing that brought down my rating a little bit was the pacing. There were points where it felt a little bogged down and took me out of it, but I had to know where it was going. There is a lot more going on for Eva with other assignments trying to take down corruption in the police force but I think the author balanced out these parts well throughout the story. I think this was a solid start to a new series (hopefully) and I would love to see more of DI Eva Harris and what cases she could encounter next.

About the Author:

Carl Goodman is from Surrey and 20/20 is his first crime thriller. It introduces Eva Harris, a newly promoted DI with a computer science background, thrown in at the deep end with an especially gruesome murder. Carl likes hard-hitting, contemporary stories with dark and unusual themes and is currently working on more DI Eva Harris novels.

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