December 2022 Monthly Wrap Up

I know, I know, it also hurts my head that this is coming after a review for January already being posted, but I have to get this up and the TBR stack so I feel better. This also helps me compile all the books I’ve read for the year.

Thanks to any publishers or authors for sending gifted copies in December in exchange for my honest reviews

The time leading up to the holidays either turns into chaos and little reading, or it’s slow and there’s plenty of time to read. Things were very busy and I had the hardest time focusing on a book. So that is why most of these are highly rated, because they were the ones I could finish. The ones I set off to the side I’ll be revisiting because I just know it was me and not the books.

December 2022 Monthly Wrap Up:

THE INGENUE – Rachel Kapelke-Dale – 4 stars – Review Here

THE WIDOWMAKER – Hannah Morrissey – 5 stars

WE KNEW ALL ALONG – Mina Hardy – 4 stars

THE POISON SEASON – Mara Rutherford – 4 stars

PURPLE DECEIVER – John H. Cunningham – 4.5 stars – Review on Instagram

HER SISTER’S DEATH – K.L. Murphy – 4 stars – TLC Book Tour & Review Here

A SMALL AFFAIR – Flora Collins – 4 stars

THE PERSONAL ASSISTANT – Kimberly Belle – 3.5 stars

SECLUDED CABIN SLEEPS SIX – Lisa Unger – 4 stars

THERE AROSE SUCH A CLATTER – CM Nascosta – 5 stars

RUN, RUN RABBIT – CM Nascosta – 4 stars

HOLLOW – CM Nascosta – 3.5 stars

UNDER A VEILED MOON – Karen Odden – 4 stars – Blog Tour & Review Here

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