Top Books for 2017 – Part Three

Ok, thanks for hanging in there! This is the third, and final, installment of my top books for 2017. Like I mentioned in my last post I didn’t think it was fair to only pick 10 books when I read over 300. So 10% of the books I read seemed fair, right?

Once again, thank you so much to all of the amazing publishers and authors that made these books possible for me! There were so many incredible releases this year and I’m already excited for 2018.

As usual, the books selected were either released in 2017 or earlier.

Top Books for 2017 – Part Three

September 2017 – December 2017


LIE TO ME – J.T. Ellison

5/5 stars – A twisty thriller about a seemingly happy couple. Both are successful authors and appear to have the perfect marriage, but behind closed doors there’s adultery, financial troubles, and plenty of secrets to go around. The best thriller elements are present – unreliable narrators, multiple perspectives, bouncing back and forth from past and present, and enough twists to keep you on your toes!


LIES SHE TOLD – Cate Holahan

4.5/5 stars – Sometimes reality is darker than fiction. We follow two women whose lives begin to mimic each other. Liza is determined to write her next best-seller and we not only are brought through her life, but we also act as Liza’s reader. As the lines blur between what is happening to Liza and what is happening in her novel, the reader is brought through a twisty adventure from page one!


13 MINUTES – Sarah Pinborough

5/5 stars – Think The Plastics meets The Heathers. Despite being considered a YA novel, this one definitely didn’t read that way! Natasha was one of the most popular girls in school, but why was she pulled from the freezing cold river? She was dead for 13 minutes and she has no memory of what happened, or why her friends are acting strange. She seeks out her former best friend, Becca, and together they try to figure out what really happened to Natasha.



5/5 stars – This is a beautifully written novel of historical fiction about the Loray Mill Strike of 1929. This is told from the perspective of Ella May Wiggins, a woman that is struggling to make end’s meet to support her children. She works at the mill and when the owners decide to drop the pay for their workers, Ella May begins to lose hope. When the union begins to make demands, Ella May joins them and spearheads their organization. The second part of the novel is about Ella May’s daughter, Lilly, telling her story to her grandson. If you want a raw, atmospheric, and beautifully written piece of historical fiction, then Wiley Cash needs to be on your TBR.


ANATOMY OF EVIL – Michael H. Stone

5/5 stars – What creates a serial killer? What makes them so different from you and me? Michael H. Stone outlines his 22 level hierarchy in what makes a serial killer. He studied hundreds of cases and talks about specific ones (not the high-profile ones you’d expect – so no Manson, Bundy, or Dahmer. If you’re a true crime fan, then this will be right up your alley! If you enjoy books about psychology and what makes people tick, then this should be on your TBR.


KIN – Kealan Patrick Burke

5/5 stars – When a book is compared to Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I obviously need to get my hands on it! You’d think being the only survivor of a massacre at the hands of a cannibalistic and sadistic family would be the entire novel – well that’s just the opening. If you aren’t a fan of gory, then this won’t be for you. When the loved ones of those killed join forces with the only survivor, they return to the house to eliminate the family before they can torture anyone else.


UNSUB – Meg Gardiner

5/5 stars – Did the Zodiac killer intrigue you? Here’s a serial killer thriller worthy of all the hype it was receiving this year. The killer is sadistic, gruesome, and loves to taunt the investigators with their cryptic messages. The case that destroyed her father’s career as a Detective is now passed on to Caitlin Hendrix. Is this the same killer from all those years ago? Will this case take over her life like it did for her father? If you want a fantastic serial killer thriller, then UNSUB is going to be your next book buy!



5/5 stars – When calling The End of the Line Hotline center, people are expecting words of encouragement to keep holding on. Those unfortunate enough to be connected to Laura will be met with encouragement and manipulation to go through with ending their lives. This was a twisted and demented suspense novel with a unique premise. Will they be able to solve the mystery why these people are committing suicide? Can they catch Laura?



5/5 stars – Another thriller from 2017 that was worthy of the hype and praise it was (and still is) receiving. Most novels see through the eyes of the serial killer and the investigating detectives, well, in STILLHOUSE LAKE we get to experience the repercussions that the family has to endure after the serial killer husband is imprisoned. Having to change her name and uproot her family, Gina will do whatever it takes to protect her children. When vigilantes looking for revenge on her husband find her, she is put to the test. How far will she go to save her family?


KILL CREEK – Scott Thomas

5/5 stars – Do you like a good haunted house story? Do you like novels that are about authors? When a best-selling horror author is asked to stay at one of the most infamous haunted houses on Halloween, he reluctantly accepts. Bringing three other famed authors of horror and the macabre, they try to survive the night. This had a great element of dark humor to it and plenty of eerie scares for readers!


Phew! Sorry that took so long to get them all posted! But my resolution for 2018 is to be more on top of my blogging and posting daily (instead of multiple times in the same day!) Thanks for making this first year with my blog so much fun and I can’t wait for more.


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