Book Feature – Initiated to Kill by Sharlene Almond

It’s finally the weekend! Here’s a new book feature for everyone 🙂

INITIATED TO KILL – Sharlene Almond (out now!)

Book Description:

INITIATED TO KILL tells the story of an infamous historical serial killer, connecting to present-day events in Seville, Spain. Annabella Cordova quickly becomes embroiled in the conspiracy involving the university she studies at. Her life is turned into chaos when her friend disappears, and her past begins to haunt her present.

Seven days later a gruesome package is delivered to Andres Valero; the troubled detective, returning from forced leave, only to be faced with horrific crimes that brings his old memories to the surface.

Annabella’s past collides with her present, a traumatic childhood event leaving her deaf and without both of her parents. Her ability to read facial and body language in people leads her to discover parallels from an earlier century.

Annabella and Andres must use their skills to track a brilliant killer; a psychopath exploring the mind and actions of an infamous serial killer, and how his crimes are linked to a controversial conspiracy, only he can unravel.

The novel continuously takes the reader back in time to the 19th century; creating a psychological profile of the serial killer that wanders the London streets, his paintings depicting crimes only seen by a killer’s eyes.

Annabella and Andres must stop this person at any cost, and reveal a conspiracy hidden for centuries.

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About the Author:

I have a diploma in Body Language and Criminology, enabling me to explicitly portray my main character. Living in Auckland, New Zealand with my two dogs and partner, I enjoy watching documentaries about history and conspiracy theories, giving me ideas for my next books. At 31 years old, I have a diploma in Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Freelance Journalism, and Editing and proofreading and naturopathic nutrition; giving me the ability to better understand the human mind, writing about it in manner her readers can understand and connect with.

Currently, I am studying to specialize in Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Dialectal Behavioural Therapy, and Medicinal Cannabis.

I am also starting up a Body, Mind and Writing newsletter containing info on nutrition, counselling, body language, writing tips, quotes and reviews. I also welcome subscribers to message me what they would like me to include.

You can find the subscription link here

How to Connect with Sharlene:

Amazon    Amazon Author Page   Twitter

Website Links:

Mind, Body and Health Services  Animal Health and Welfare Services

Writing and Body Language


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