Things You Leave Behind – M.L. Kennedy

Thanks to the author for the free copy in exchange for my honest review

THINGS YOU LEAVE BEHIND – M.L. Kennedy (Released September 13th, 2019)

You can find your copy on Amazon (here) or you can contact the author on Twitter (here) about getting a SIGNED copy!


Book Description:

“What am I supposed to be doing?”

One year out of college and already disenchanted with adult life, Angela Brooks decides to go on a treasure hunt. Things do not go according to plan, as she wakes up a decade in the future with no memory of the years in between. Now, it’s up to Angela to figure out where she is, when she is, and even who she is.

My Thoughts: 4/5 stars

First, lets all agree that this cover is awesome. Plenty of people thought I was carrying around a VHS tape whenever I’d take it out of my bag to read it. THINGS YOU LEAVE BEHIND is different than what I was expecting it to be. We get a really indepth look at our characters – this becomes a character study without losing the momentum of the story. Most of the time when books focus more on the character development, the pacing can begin to slow down, but I didn’t experience that with Kennedy’s book.

Angela Brooks feels like she’s stuck. Nothing really is going the way she wants it to and she isn’t sure how to get out of this rut. Her college friend convinces her to go on this treasure hunt for a ring. One day, she wakes up but she isn’t herself, she’s actually in the body of a young boy. How did she end up like this? What happened to the years she’s missed? How does she get things back to normal?

We go back and forth between timelines and as the story progresses we get a new layer to Angela and her life. The alternating timelines keep you turning the pages to see where this will all culminate. I wasn’t expecting that ending – which is always fun! Overall, a solid read and I really enjoyed getting to know the characters so well.


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