September 2019 Monthly Wrap Up

September was here and gone in what felt like a second. I can’t believe tomorrow is October. We’ll be closing in on one month until the wedding!

Thanks to all the authors and publishers for the free copies in exchange for my honest reviews and my blog tour spots.

I have to take a moment, without naming names, has there ever been a book you read and then the experience you had afterwards with the author/publisher left a bad taste in your mouth? I had that happen this month and I strongly debated not including it in my wrap up for September. Especially considering my blog coverage wasn’t the actual coverage they were after – just Amazon and Goodreads. I did unload the book at my local used bookstore shortly after that whole ordeal, so it is not pictured in this wrap up.

So this doesn’t turn into a huge rant – if you’re an author looking for a blogger or Bookstagrammer to review your book, please be polite and clear in your request. If there’s a deadline, tell us immediately so we can take it into consideration before accepting a copy. If there is specific coverage you’re looking for (i.e. certain platforms you want the review shared) then you need to state that in your request. Don’t alienate the group of people you want helping you, because we do talk with each other about things like this. We do this because we love reading, so why would we want to sour that?

Alright, back to the books!


Monthly Wrap Up:

Blog Tours/Features: 5

#ATBR2019 Titles: 13

THE LAW OF CAPTURE – Joe Totten – 4 stars – Review Here

A GIRL NAMED ANNA – Lizzy Baker – 3.5 stars – Blog Tour & Review Here – #ATBR2019 Here

MOTHER KNOWS BEST – Kira Peikoff – 3.5 stars – #ATBR2019 Here


PRETTY GUILTY WOMEN – Gina LaManna – 4 stars – Review Here

THE NANNY – Gilly Macmillan – 3.5 stars – Blog Tour & Review Here – #ATBR2019 Coming Soon

REWIND – Catherine Ryan Howard – 3.5 stars – #ATBR2019 Here

THE INSTITUTE – Stephen King – 5 stars – Review Here – #ATBR2019 Here

ELEVATOR PITCH – Linwood Barclay – 3.5 stars – #ATBR2019 Here – TLC Book Feature Here

A COSMOLOGY OF MONSTERS – Shaun Hamill – 5 stars – Review Here

FRIGHTFULLY EVER AFTER – Nick DeWolf – 3.5 stars – #ATBR2019 Here

THINGS YOU LEAVE BEHIND – M.L. Kennedy – 4 stars – Review Here

THE STRANGER INSIDE – Lisa Unger – 3 stars – Blog Tour & #ATBR2019 Here

ANGEL OF MERCY – Melina Druga – 3.5 stars – Review Here

BOMBER’S MOON – Archer Mayor – 4 stars – Review Here

NO JUDGMENTS – Meg Cabot – 3 stars – TLC Book Tour & #ATBR2019 Here

WHAT ROSE FORGOT – Nevada Barr – 4 stars – Review Here

VIOLET – Scott Thomas – 3.5 stars – Review Here – #ATBR2019 Coming Soon

RULES FOR VANISHING – Kate Alice Marshall – 4 stars – Review Here – #ATBR2019 Coming Soon

HOW TO SURVIVE A HORROR MOVIE – Seth Grahame-Smith – 4 stars – Mini Review Here

THE LAST SEANCE – Agatha Christie – 3.5 stars – Review Coming Soon





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