Book Challenge – Books in Your Wedding Colors

So, it’s not until the end of November, but we definitely have our colors all figured out. This fun tag is from the wonder Inna of @inna_stiina (make sure to check out her Instagram here)

The timing is perfect because we have our engagement party today. Basically a bridal shower with the boys included. I didn’t want to have a normal bridal shower because, lets face it, they’re all really awkward. Basically a kid’s birthday party for an adult. This way it’s just like a family get together like for Memorial Day. All of Jeremy’s family, my parents and brother, and some of the bridal party all up at the log cabin.

Jeremy and I have kind of known these for awhile now – I mean we’ve been together almost 7 years so the wedding conversation has come up before. We have always known red and black would be the colors. A combo that looks nice and two colors that are flattering on everyone (I refused to be the bride that picked the weird color for her bridesmaids haha). With things being up north in Minnesota, and the fact that we’re getting married in a giant log cabin, we have plenty of buffalo plaid included.

With the wedding still approaching, I can’t share any specific items for the wedding in my photo. I had so many good ideas on what I wanted to include, but no. Those will have to wait until after the wedding!

I made sure to grab some black and red books that I enjoyed – so I made sure to link any reviews below!


Red and Black Books:


4 stars – #allthebookreviews Thoughts Here

THE REMAKING – Clay McLeod Chapman 

Synopsis Here

THE CHESTNUT MAN – Soren Sveistrup 

4 stars – #ATBR2019 Thoughts Here

THE GIRL IN 6E – A.R. Torre

5 stars – My Thoughts Here

BLACK CHALK – Christopher J. Yates 

Synopsis Here

VIOLET – Scott Thomas 

Synopsis Here (Currently Reading)

SLENDER MAN – Anonymous

5 stars – #ATBR2019 Thoughts Here


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