April 2020 Monthly Wrap Up

So I know that it’s been an insane month when my wrap up looks so small (compared to normal months). With the virus hitting I have been having the opposite problem of most people – something I’m equally grateful for and hate – and that’s having to be in work overtime. Shipping food is what we do and we need to make sure everyone gets their shipments quickly. So most of my reading time turned into overtime at work, but I’m still pretty content with this stack.

Thank you to the publishers and authors for the free early copies in exchange for my honest reviews and features

I have two more that I’m currently reading but I don’t think I’ll be able to finish them in time – so those will be in the May wrap up!


April 2020 Monthly Wrap Up:

#ATBR2020 Titles: 11

#BravetheBacklist / #FallIntoMyBacklist Titles: 1

#buddyreadstodiefor Titles: 1

#ChronologicallyKing Titles: 2

Blog Tour Titles: 2

DNF Titles: 3

FIRESTARTER – Stephen King – 4 stars – #ChronologicallyKing – #ATBR2020 Here


THE CLOSER YOU GET – Mary Torjussen – 4 stars – Blog Tour & #ATBR2020 Here

SALVATION STATION – Kathryn Schleich – 4 stars – Review Here

RABETTE RUN – Nick Rippington – 4 stars – Blog Tour & Review Here

PRETTY THINGS – Janelle Brown – 4 stars – #ATBR2020 Here

THE NEW HUSBAND – D.J. Palmer – 3 stars – #ATBR2020 Here

SOMETHING SHE’S NOT TELLING US – Darcey Bell – 2.5 stars – Review Here – #ATBR2020 Here

CUJO – Stephen King – 4 stars – #ChronologicallyKing – #ATBR2020 Here

LITTLE SECRETS – Jennifer Hillier – 5 stars – #ATBR2020 Here

THE NEIGHBORS – Hannah Mary McKinnon – 5 stars – #buddyreadstodiefor – #ATBR2020 Here

THE SPLIT – Sharon Bolton – 3 stars – Review Coming Soon – #ATBR2020 Coming Soon

STRIKE ME DOWN – Mindy Meija – 3 stars – #ATBR2020 Here

EDEN – Tim Lebbon – 3.5 stars – Review Coming Soon

THE GERMAN HEIRESS – Anika Scott – 3.5 stars – Review Coming Soon

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  1. I just finished up Pretty Things, that was one LONG book :D, and I hope I’ll get to Little Secrets next.


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